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Deborah Willis; Ellyn Toscano; Kalia Brooks Nelson; Copyright of individual chapters is maintained by the chapters’ authors.

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Women and Migration

Responses in Art and History

  • Deborah Willis (editor)
  • Ellyn Toscano (editor)
  • Kalia Brooks Nelson (editor)

The essays in this book chart how women’s profound and turbulent experiences of migration have been articulated in writing, photography, art and film. As a whole, the volume gives an impression of a wide range of migratory events from women’s perspectives, covering the Caribbean Diaspora, refugees and slavery through the various lenses of politics and war, love and family. The contributors, which include academics and artists, offer both personal and critical points of view on the artistic and historical repositories of these experiences. Selfies, motherhood, violence and Hollywood all feature in this substantial treasure-trove of women’s joy and suffering, disaster and delight, place, memory and identity. This collection appeals to artists and scholars of the humanities, particularly within the social sciences; though there is much to recommend it to creatives seeking inspiration or counsel on the issue of migratory experiences.


'Women and Migration' is not only rich in detailing women’s lives, daily life, and human agency in addition to memory, emotion, and culture but also multidisciplinary and a welcome focus on women’s diverse experiences with migration from the perspective of class, ethnicity, ‘race’, religion, and sexual identity. I particularly like the narratives showcasing women and migrations from political and geographical perspectives with regard to the fluidity and representations of borders and border crossings. It is especially relevant given the varied responses to migration in Europe and North America today. Their ‘voices’ rise from the pages of the manuscript!

Dr Mary Anne Poutanen

McGill University


'Women and Migration' fonde una molteplicità di sguardi sulla complessità di un fenomeno e, attraverso le sue pagine, immerge il lettore nell’universo delle migrazioni. ['Women and Migration' fuses multiple glances on the complexity of the phenomenon and, through its pages, immerses the reader in the universe of migration.]

Laura Amigo

Studi Emigrazione (0039-2936), vol. 218, 2020.

Table of Contents

List of Contributors
Introduction: Women and Migration[s]

D. Willis, E. Toscano and K. Brooks Nelson

Part One: Imagining Family and Migration 11
Between Self and Memory

Ellyn Toscano

Fragments of Memory: Writing the Migrant’s Story

Anna Arabindan-Kesson

A Congolese Woman’s Life in Europe: A Postcolonial Diptych of Migration

Sandrine Colard


Kathy Engel

Part Two: Mobility and Migration
Carrying Memory

Marianne Hirsch

Making Through Motion

Wangechi Mutu

Strange Set of Circumstances: White Artistic Migration and Crazy Quilt

Karen Finley

Nora Holt: New Negro Composer and Jazz Age Goddess

Cheryl A. Wall

Part Three: Understanding Pathways
Silsila: Linking Bodies, Deserts, Water

Sama Alshaibi

My Baby Saved My Life: Migration and Motherhood in an American High School

Jessica Ingram

Visualizing Displacement Above The Fold

Lorie Novak

Unveiling Violence: Gender and Migration in the Discourse of Right-Wing Populism

Debora Spini

A Different Lens

Maaza Mengiste

Reinventing the Spaces Within: The Early Images of Artist Lalla Essaydi

Isolde Brielmaier

Swimming with E. C.

Kellie Jones

Part Four: Reclaiming Our Time
Kinship, the Middle Passage, and the Origins of Racial Slavery

Jennifer L. Morgan

Black Women’s Work: Resisting and Undoing Character Education and the ‘Good’ White Liberal Agenda

Bettina L. Love

Filipina Stories: Gabriela NY and Justice for Mary Jane Veloso

Editha Mesina

Women & Migrations: African Fashion’s Global Takeover

Allana Finley

What Would It Mean to Sing A Black Girl’s Song?: A Brief Statement on the Reality of Anti-Black Girl Terror

Treva B. Lindsey

Part Five: Situated at the Edge
Fredi’s Migration: Washington’s Forgotten War on Hollywood

Pamela Newkirk

Julia de Burgos: Cultural Crossing and Iconicity

Vanessa Pérez-Rosario

Sarah Parker Remond’s Black American Grand Tour

Sirpa Salenius

Making Latinx Art: Juana Valdes at the Crossroads of Latinx and Latin American Art

Arlene Dávila

Moving Mountains: Harriet Hosmer’s Nineteenth-Century Italian Migration to Become the First Professional Woman Sculptor

Patricia Cronin

Part Six: Transit, Transiting, and Transition
Urban Candy: Screens, Selfies and Imaginings

Roshini Kempadoo

Controlled Images and Cultural Reassembly: Material Black Girls Living in an Avatar World

Joan Morgan

Supershero Amrita Simla, Partitioned Once, Migrated Twice

Sarah K. Khan

Diaspora, Indigeneity, Queer Critique: Tracey Moffatt’s Aesthetics of Dwelling in Displacement

Gayatri Gopinath

The Performance of Doubles: The Transposition of Gender and Race in Ming Wong’s Life of Imitation

Kalia Brooks Nelson

Part Seven: The World is Ours, Too
The Roots of Black American Women’s Internationalism: Migrations of the Spirit and the Heart

Francille Rusan Wilson

'The World is Ours, Too': Millennial Women and the New Black Travel Movement

Tiffany M. Gill

Performing a Life: Mattie Allen McAdoo’s Odyssey from Ohio to South Africa, Australia and Beyond, 1890–1900

Paulette Young

'I Don't Pay Those Borders No Mind At All': Audley E. Moore (‘Queen Mother’ Moore) - Grassroots Global Traveler and Activist

Sharon Harley

Löis Mailou Jones in the World

Cheryl Finley

Part Eight: Emotional Cartography: Tracing the Personal
The Ones Who Leave… the Ones Who Are Left: Guyanese Migration Story

Grace Aneiza Ali

The Acton Photograph Archive: Between Representation and Re-Interpretation

Alessandra Capodacqua

Reconciliations at Sea: Reclaiming the Lusophone Archipelago in Mónica de Miranda’s Video Works

M. Neelika Jayawardane

Transnational Minor Literature: Cristina Ali Farah’s Somali Italian Stories

Alessandra Di Maio

Seizing Control of the Narrative

Misan Sagay

Migration as a Woman’s Right: Stories from Comparative and Transnational Slavery Histories in the North Atlantic and Indian Ocean Worlds

Gunja SenGupta

The Sacred Migration of Sister Gertrude Morgan

Imani Uzuri

List of Illustrations


Deborah Willis

University Professor and Chair of the Department of Photography & Imaging at New York University

Ellyn Toscano

Executive Director at New York University Florence

Kalia Brooks Nelson

Adjunct Professor in the Department of Photography and Imaging at New York University