Dr. Alessandra Tosi is a co-founder and the Managing Director of Open Book Publishers. Alessandra is a specialist in nineteenth-century Russian fiction, reception and gender studies. A past Wingate Fellow, MHRA Research Fellow and a visiting fellow at Harvard University and the EUI, Alessandra has held academic positions at Corpus Christi College, University of Cambridge and at the University of Exeter. Her publications include Waiting for Pushkin: Russian Fiction in the Reign of Alexander I (2006) and, co-edited with Wendy Rosslyn, Women in Russian Culture and Society, 1700-1825 (2007) and Women in Nineteenth-Century Russia: Lives and Culture (2012). She is presently Life Fellow of Clare Hall, Cambridge. Email

William St Clair (1937-2021) was the Chairman of the Board of Directors. William was a Fellow of the British Academy and held fellowships at All Souls College, Oxford and Trinity College, Cambridge. He was also a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of English Studies, School of Advanced Study, University of London and the Centre for History and Economics, Cambridge and Harvard. His publications include That Greece Might Still Be Free: The Philhellenes in the War for Independence (rev. ed. 2008) and historical studies of literary dissemination.

Dr. Rupert Gatti is a co-founder and the third Director of Open Book Publishers. He is a Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge, where he is a Director of Studies in Economics. His published academic work includes microeconomic analysis of competition in online markets, game theory and search theory. He has held visiting positions at MIT and University of Florence, acted as an Economic Advisor on several EU competition studies, is on the advisory board of a range of Open Access initiatives and is a frequently invited speaker on the OA movement. Email


Editorial Board and Advisory Panel

Prof. Caroline Warman (Zeitlyn Fellow and Tutor in French, Professor of French Literature and Thought at Jesus College, Oxford)

Dr. Kathleen Fitzpatrick (Director of Digital Humanities and Professor of English at Michigan State University)

Prof. Cameron Neylon (Centre for Culture and Technology, Curtin University)

Prof. Adrian Poole (Emeritus Professor of English Literature, Trinity College, University of Cambridge)

Prof. Clifford Siskin (New York University)

Geoff Stead (Babbel’s Chief Product Officer)

Prof. Dorottya Fabian (University of New South Wales, Sydney)

Prof. Mark Turin (University of British Columbia, Director of the World Oral Literature Project and the Digital Himalaya Project)

J. David Velleman (Emeritus Professor of Philosophy and Bioethics at New York University and Miller Research Professor of Philosophy at Johns Hopkins University)

Managing Director and Commissioning Editor

Alessandra Tosi

Editor and Outreach Coordinator

Lucy Barnes

Lucy Barnes is responsible for copy-editing, proof-reading and indexing. She undertakes outreach work for OBP, speaking at universities, conducting webinars, writing blogs and articles, presenting at conferences and recording podcasts. She also undertakes outreach work for the COPIM project, sits on the ScholarLed board and the OAPEN OA Books Toolkit editorial board, and coordinates the Open Access Books Network. She is completing her PhD at the University of Cambridge, studying nineteenth-century theatrical adaptations of novels and poetry. Email:


Rosalyn Sword

Rosalyn Sword holds an MPhil in Linguistics from the University of Cambridge, where she studied the syntactic features of Old English and Old High German. She is responsible for copy-editing, proof-reading and indexing at OBP. Email:

Melissa Purkiss

Melissa Purkiss holds a PhD in Medieval and Modern Languages from the University of Oxford, where she completed her thesis on French and Russian influence in the works of the émigré writer Gaito Gazdanov and lectured on nineteenth- and twentieth-century Russian literature. She is responsible for editorial and production tasks at OBP. Email:

Book Production, Digital Product Development and Illustration Management

Cameron Craig

Cameron Craig has worked as a graphic designer for more than 25 years. He is responsible for typesetting and producing the print and digital editions of our titles. Email:

Cover Designer

Jeevanjot Nagpal

Jeevanjot Nagpal has an MA in English Literature, and has also recently completed an MA in Publishing from UCL, with a focus on illustration, design, and academic & journals publishing. Email:

OA Advocacy and Projects Manager

Rupert Gatti

Software Engineering

Javier Arias

Javier Arias is a software engineer developing open source software at OBP. He is currently leading the development of Thoth, the Open Dissemination System funded by the COPIM project. He has previously worked on the HIRMEOS project, the open usage metrics collection system that powers our readership stats, funded by Horizon 2020, the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation. He is undertaking an MSc in Software Engineering at the University of Oxford. Email:

Ross Higman

Ross Higman is a software engineer working on the Open Dissemination System for the COPIM project. He has previously developed software for telecommunications networking and air pollution modelling, and worked as an editorial assistant. He holds an MPhil in Linguistics from the University of Cambridge. Email:

Marketing and Library Relations

Laura Rodríguez

Laura Rodríguez holds an MPhil in Medieval Literature from the University of Cambridge. Her research interests include medieval pastoral care, women's studies, religious history, and cycle plays. Email: