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32. 'The World is Ours, Too': Millennial Women and the New Black Travel Movement

  • Tiffany M. Gill (author)
In “The World is Ours, Too”: Millennial Women and the New Black Travel Movement', Tiffany M. Gill recounts how Black women in the early years of the civil rights movement built a ‘travel movement’ and explores how, in the early twenty-first century, the Black Lives Matter crusade has seen its resurgence. In this iteration, Black millennial women, those 18–35-year-olds who, in true millennial fashion, think they are the first to engage in this phenomenon, are at the forefront. Gill’s essay explores the history of a movement that began in the 1940s and has a great deal to teach us about the tensions between political activism, leisure culture, and global freedom struggles.


Tiffany M. Gill