Series (18)

Applied Theatre Praxis

Book Series (2 issues)
  • ISSN Print: 2515-0758
  • ISSN Digital: 2515-0766

Applied Theatre Praxis (ATP) is an OBP series that focuses on Applied Theatre practitioner-researchers who use their rehearsal rooms as "labs”; spaces in which theories are generated, explored and/or experimented with before being implemented in contentious and/or vulnerable contexts. As Helen Nicholson comments (in Etherton and Prentki, 2006:143), "for those of us engaged in research and dramatic practice which take place in community, educational and institutional settings, there is a need to submit our work to critical questioning as part of a continual process of negotiating and renegotiating our ethical positioning”. In this vein, ATP invites writing that draws from the author/s’ praxis to reflect on diverse manifestations of Applied Theatre.

Classics Textbooks

Book Series (7 issues)
  • ISSN Print: 2054-2437
  • ISSN Digital: 2054-2445

Ideal for school-level and University students of Latin, and for anybody studying the language for the first time, these Open Access textbooks present extracts from major works including Ovid’s Metamorphoses, Virgil’s Aeneid and Tacitus’s hair-raising descriptions of the excesses of the Emperor Nero in the Annals. The Latin is accompanied by extensive commentary that explores the meaning and context of the works, while interpretative essays serve as a model for students developing their own critical writing. Many of our engaging and lucid textbooks also offer study questions and background information as well as the latest scholarship. Also available in free interactive editions with teachers’ comments, they are vital resources for all students of Latin.

  • ISSN Print: 3049-7469
  • ISSN Digital: 3049-7477

Critical Physical Geography is an emerging discipline that has the specific aim of bringing together social and natural science in the service of eco-social transformation, combining attention to power relations and their material impacts with deep knowledge of particular biophysical systems (Lave et al. 2014). Whilst it is a discipline that appeals strongly to geography, it reflects a wider sense in which the environmental challenges that we face today are too commonly framed by the academy in disciplinary and hence partial ways. A series of initiatives (conference sessions; workshops; opinion pieces; special issues) have mobilised researchers doing integrative interdisciplinary work to see CPG as a potential “home” for them. A major publication (The Handbook of Critical Physical Geography) appeared in 2018 (Lave, Biermann and Lane, eds.), setting out CPG’s core tenets and genealogical origins, illustrating these through a series of case examples, and reflecting upon the pedagogic implications for practicing CPG. This book series aims to provide the resources necessary for CPG to pass to its next phase of development by providing: (1) a focal point for research monographs that involve integrative, transformative, environmental research; (2) a set of shorter texts that address key environmental concerns through the lens of CPG; and (3) edited volumes that consider the practice and methods associated with CPG, where there is a need to bring together a wider spectrum of researchers to advance particular themes.

Dickinson College Commentaries

Book Series (2 issues)
  • ISSN Print: 2059-5743
  • ISSN Digital: 2059-5751

OBP and Dickinson College have partnered to create books that offer enhanced key texts in Latin in Open Access format. Our joint Series appears as both free web resources hosted on the DCC website and as interactive texts released in a variety of formats: free to read, digital and printed. Including embedded audio files of the original text read aloud, these editions also contain commentary, notes and full vocabulary. Both entertaining and thought-provoking, they are an invaluable aid to students of Latin and general readers alike.

Digital Humanities Series

Book Series (4 issues)
  • ISSN Print: 2054-2410
  • ISSN Digital: 2054-2429

The invention and application of digital methods, tools and media have had significant effects on scholarly research. They raise new questions about how we conceive knowledge, think about scholarship and develop new epistemic practices, while large-scale digitization projects and hyperactive social media have brought into focus social and historical texts, images and other data formerly difficult or impossible to reach. Overseen by an international board of experts, our Digital Humanities Series: Knowledge, Thought and Practice is dedicated to the exploration of these changes by scholars across disciplines. Books in this Series present cutting-edge research that investigate the links between the digital and other disciplines paving the ways for further investigations and applications that take advantage of new digital media to present knowledge in new ways.

Global Communications

Book Series (3 issues)
  • ISSN Print: 2634-7245
  • ISSN Digital: 2634-7253

Global Communications is a new book series that looks beyond national borders to examine current transformations in public communication, journalism and media. Books in this series will focus on the role of communication in the context of global ecological, social, political, economic, and technological challenges in order to help us understand the rapidly changing media environment. We encourage comparative studies but we also welcome single case studies, especially if they focus on regions other than Western Europe and North America, which have received the bulk of scholarly attention until now.

OBP Series in Mathematics

Book Series (4 issues)
  • ISSN Print: 2397-1126
  • ISSN Digital: 2397-1134

The OBP Series in Mathematics focuses on maths in the classroom. It is aimed both at students preparing to make the transition from A-Level to university maths and secondary school teachers who want to think more deeply about their teaching practice. Clear and engaging, these texts are a valuable resource for anyone interested in the study of advanced mathematics.

Open Book Classics

Book Series (12 issues)
  • ISSN Print: 2054-216X
  • ISSN Digital: 2054-2178

Open Book Classics present lucid, accessible and free to access translations of literary works including our prize-winning multilingual edition of Denis Diderot’s influential Rameau’s Nephew, the multilingual anthologies The Idea of Europe: Enlightenment Perspectives and Tolerance: The Beacon of the Enlightenment, which was featured in The Guardian, Times Higher Education and elsewhere. These fresh and informative translations recover texts that have not recently been revived, or do not exist at all in a critical edition in English. Including cutting-edge interactive and multimedia resources, the literature is brought to life using musical recordings, hypertext annotations and vivid illustrations.

Open Field Guides Series

Book Series (2 issues)
  • ISSN Print: 2514-2496
  • ISSN Digital: 2514-250X

Open Field Guides is a series of practical how-to Open Access resources for scholars.

Open Reports Series

Book Series (10 issues)
  • ISSN Print: 2399-6668
  • ISSN Digital: 2399-6676

The Open Reports Series are slim Open Access volumes that take on some of the biggest issues of the day in politics, social sciences, and business studies. Published swiftly (typically within eight weeks) to maximize impact these books tackle topical questions such as the importance of security to Scottish independence, and the reality of life for families in working poverty who are ‘just about managing’, this series offers rigorous analysis and cutting edge research to delve into the reality behind the slogans. With heavyweight contributors including the former UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Nobel prize-winning author Amartya Sen, these books are vital interventions into contemporary debates.

Semitic Languages and Cultures

Book Series (25 issues)
  • ISSN Print: 2632-6906
  • ISSN Digital: 2632-6914

This series includes philological and linguistic studies of Semitic languages, editions of Semitic texts and works relating to the cultures of Semitic-speaking peoples.

  • ISSN Print: 2755-2632
  • ISSN Digital: 2755-2640

St Andrews Studies in French History and Culture, a successful series published by the Centre for French History and Culture at the University of St Andrews since 2010 and now in collaboration with Open Book Publishers, aims to enhance scholarly understanding of the historical culture of the French-speaking world. This series covers the full span of historical themes relating to France: from political history, through military/naval, diplomatic, religious, social, financial, cultural and intellectual history, art and architectural history, to literary culture. The purpose of this series is to publish a range of shorter monographs and studies, between 25,000 and 50,000 words long, which illuminate the history of this community of peoples between the end of the Middle Ages and the late twentieth century. Titles in the series are rigorously peer-reviewed through the editorial board and external assessors, are available both in digital format and hard copies.

  • ISSN Print: 2755-2616
  • ISSN Digital: 2755-2624

This book series publishes high-quality monographs, edited volumes, handbooks and formally innovative books which explore the relationships between mathematics education and society. The series advances scholarship in mathematics education by bringing multiple disciplinary perspectives to the study of contemporary predicaments of the cultural, social, political, economic and ethical contexts of mathematics education in a range of different contexts around the globe.

The Global Qur'an

Book Series (2 issues)
  • ISSN Print: 2753-8036
  • ISSN Digital: 2753-8044

The Global Qur’an is a new book series that looks at Muslim engagement with the Qur’an in a global perspective. We publish studies that focus on the translation and interpretation of the Qur’an or on the social, cultural, pedagogical, aesthetic, and devotional place of the Qur’an in Muslim societies worldwide. We particularly encourage comparative studies, investigations of transregional dynamics, and interactions between local and global contexts. Contributions from scholars outside Western Europe and North America are especially welcome.

  • ISSN Print: 2754-0634
  • ISSN Digital: 2754-0642

The Medieval Text Consortium is an association of leading scholars aimed at making works of medieval philosophy available to a wide audience. Our goal is to publish peer-reviewed texts across all of Western thought between antiquity and modernity, both in their original languages and in English translation.

What Works in Conservation

Journal (6 issues)
  • ISSN Print: 2059-4232
  • ISSN Digital: 2059-4240

OBP has joined forces with the Conservation Evidence Project to produce What Works in Conservation, which disseminates results from the latest scientific literature about the effects of conservation interventions. It is revised on a regular basis.

World Oral Literature Series

Book Series (11 issues)
  • ISSN Print: 2050-7933
  • ISSN Digital: 2054-362X

We are proud to produce the unique and timely World Oral Literature series in partnership with the World Oral Literature Project, directed by Mark Turin at the University of British Columbia. Including some of our most-read titles, this long-running series was designed to preserve and promote the oral literatures of Indigenous people by publishing materials on endangered traditions in innovative, responsive, ethical and culturally-appropriate ways. Situated at the intersection of anthropology, folklore, linguistics and information studies, the study of oral genres is an exciting and fast-developing field, but one with few publishing outlets. We work with researchers to locate opportunities and principled strategies for including recordings of the oral literatures contained in their monographs and edited collections, thus helping to preserve the richness and contextual meaning of oral narratives in ways that invite critical engagement with questions of representation and reuse.

Yeats Annual

Journal (4 issues)
  • ISSN Print: 0278-7687
  • ISSN Digital: 2054-3611

Yeats Annual is published by Open Book Publishers in association with the Institute of English Studies, University of London. Yeats Annual is the leading scholarly journal on the poet, and it is described by Bernard O'Donoghue as ‘a powerful base of biographical and textual knowledge. Since 1982 the vade mecum of Yeats.’ OBP is proud to work with the IES to make this renowned journal available to all to read free of charge.