Applied Theatre Praxis

  • Book Series
  • 2 issues
  • ISSN Print: 2515-0758
  • ISSN Digital: 2515-0766

Applied Theatre Praxis (ATP) is an OBP series that focuses on Applied Theatre practitioner-researchers who use their rehearsal rooms as "labs”; spaces in which theories are generated, explored and/or experimented with before being implemented in contentious and/or vulnerable contexts. As Helen Nicholson comments (in Etherton and Prentki, 2006:143), "for those of us engaged in research and dramatic practice which take place in community, educational and institutional settings, there is a need to submit our work to critical questioning as part of a continual process of negotiating and renegotiating our ethical positioning”. In this vein, ATP invites writing that draws from the author/s’ praxis to reflect on diverse manifestations of Applied Theatre.

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Theatre and War: Notes from the Field - cover image
  • Economics, Politics and Sociology
  • Performing Arts

Theatre and War: Notes from the Field

  • Nandita Dinesh
Nandita Dinesh places Kipling’s "six honest serving-men" (who, what, when, where, why, how) in productive conversation with her own experiences in conflict zones across the world to offer a theoretical and practical reflection on making theatre in times of war. This timely and important book weaves together Dinesh’s personal narrative with the public story of modern conflict, illustrating as it does, the importance of theatre as a force for ethical deliberation and social justice.
Chronicles from Kashmir: An Annotated, Multimedia Script - cover image
  • Performing Arts

Chronicles from Kashmir: An Annotated, Multimedia Script

  • Nandita Dinesh
Chronicles from Kashmir explores this question through a site-adaptive 24-hour theatrical performance. Developed between 2013 and 2018 by the Ensemble Kashmir Theatre Akademi and Nandita Dinesh, the play uses a durational, promenade format to immerse its audience within a multitude of perspectives on life in Kashmir. From a wedding celebration that is interrupted by curfew, to schoolboys divided by policing strategies, and soldiers struggling with a toxic mixture of boredom and trauma, Chronicles from Kashmir uses performance, installation and collaborative creation to grapple with Kashmir’s conflicts through the lenses of outsiders, insiders, and everyone in between.