World Oral Literature Series

We are proud to produce the World Oral Literature series in partnership with the World Oral Literature Project, directed by Mark Turin at the University of Cambridge and Yale University. Including some of our most-read titles, this series exists to preserve and promote the oral literatures of indigenous people by publishing materials on endangered traditions in innovative ways. These books allow the reader to see and hear as well.

Lying at the intersection of anthropology and linguistics, the study of oral genres is an exciting and developing field, but one with few publishing outlets. We offer researchers the opportunity to present recordings of the oral literature they discuss within the book, preserving the richness and contextual meaning of oral narratives and allowing their representation and reuse. Striking and original, this series makes dissemination of such unique literary traditions possible for the first time.

Stories from Quechan Oral Literature
Linguistic work by A.M. Halpern and Amy Miller