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Miriam Godoy Penteado; Ole Skovsmose

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  • social injustice
  • mathematics
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Landscapes of Investigation

Contributions to Critical Mathematics Education

Creating landscapes of investigation is a primary concern of critical mathematics education. It enables us to organise educational processes so that students and teachers are able to get involved in explorations guided by dialogical interactions. It attempts to address explicit or implicit forms of social injustice by means of mathematics, and also to promote a critical conception of mathematics, challenging the assumption that the subject represents objectivity and neutrality. Landscapes of Investigation provides many illustrations of how this can be done in primary, secondary, and university education. It also illustrates how exploring landscapes of investigation can contribute to mathematics teacher education programmes.

This edited volume is the result of a collaboration established through the Colloquium in Research in Critical Mathematics Education, which took place in 2016, 2018, and 2019 in Brazil. Its twenty-eight contributors are young researchers from Brazil, Chile, Colombia, India, Mexico and the USA, who are dedicated to the further development of critical mathematics education.

Organised in eighteen chapters, the volume presents examples of engaging students from a diversity of social and economic backgrounds, age ranges, and abilities across different countries. The chapters present original findings on the social aspects of all levels of mathematics education. Landscapes of Investigation is of particular relevance to those with an interest in the potential of mathematics education to challenge social injustices.


This book arises out of a body of work that was explicitly pushing back on the Exercise paradigm, i.e., it is pushing back on perspectives such as the Acquisition metaphor wherein “knowledge” is something objectively measurable and individually held which is accrued through exercising the brain. Instead, the metaphor of “Landscapes” views learning as inherently complex, dialogic (collectivist), and cultural. [...] Landscapes are not objects. Landscapes aren’t even nouns. Landscapes are verbs: Living things, in a constant state of happening. [...] This book is not the only work to embrace the metaphor of Landscapes, but it is a fantastic collection of dialogically constructed work that centers this liberatory metaphor. [...] That this book is written and constructed in a way that will invite both newcomers and longstanding users of this metaphor to gain insight and push their understanding further speaks well to the care the Authors took in its construction.

David M. Bowers

"Book Review: Landscapes of Investigation: Contributions to Critical Mathematics Education (2022) (M. G. Penteado & O. Skovsmose, Eds.)". Journal for Theoretical & Marginal Mathematics Education, vol. 2, no. 1, 2023. doi:10.5281/zenodo.10440243



(pp. ix–xii)
  • Miriam Godoy Penteado
  • Ole Skovsmose
  • Miriam Godoy Penteado
  • Ole Skovsmose
  • Fanny Gutiérrez
  • Yael Rodríguez

3. Media and Racism

(pp. 39–56)
  • Reginaldo Ramos de Britto
  • Agustín Méndez Andrade
  • Mario Sánchez Aguilar
  • Raquel Milani
  • Ana Carolina Faustino
  • Lessandra Marcelly Sousa da Silva
  • Débora Vieira de Souza Carneiro
  • Jeimy Marcela Cortés Suaréz
  • Reginaldo Ramos de Britto

8. Global Citizenship

(pp. 133–148)
  • Manuella Heloisa de Souza Carrijo
  • Ole Skovsmose
  • Amanda Queiroz Moura
  • Miriam Godoy Penteado
  • Íria Bonfim Gaviolli
  • Miriam Godoy Penteado
  • Guilherme Henrique Gomes da Silva
  • Rejane Siqueira Julio
  • Rafaela Nascimento da Silva
  • Renato Douglas Ribeiro
  • Daniela Alves Soares
  • Adriana de Souza Lima
  • Lucicleide Bezerra
  • Edyenis Frango
  • Paula Andrea Grawieski Civiero
  • Fátima Peres Zago de Oliveira


Miriam Godoy Penteado

Professor aposentado colaborador voluntário (Educação Matemática) at São Paulo State University

Ole Skovsmose

Professor voluntário (Educação Matemática) at São Paulo State University
Professor Emeritus at Aalborg University