Daniela Alves Soares

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pp. 149–162

9. About Unfinishedness, Dreams and Landscapes of Investigation

This chapter aims to propose that landscapes of investigation are possible learning environments for the establishment of unfinished young students’ dreams. Thus, through the lens of certain authors, I present some philosophical ideas of the human being, such as those of unfinishedness and dreaming, as well as foreground and totalisation. Next, I briefly explore aspects of the school tradition evidenced by philosophers who have influenced education as it is today, such as students as “blank sheets”, school as the space to develop reason, and mathematics as “true reason”. Then, I address technical rationality and critical rationality, presenting some differences and identifying paradigms in which we can recognise mathematics education. Finally, I present landscapes of investigation as a possibility in the face of such studies. Therefore, despite this chapter being characterised as a theoretical essay, I present excerpts from observations, interviews and discussion groups that were part of the data production during my doctorate.


Daniela Alves Soares