About Our Library Membership Programme


By joining this programme, all staff, students and alumni of member libraries can access all of the digital editions of every one of our titles without charge, and they will also receive a discount on any paper copies purchased. The member library is also entitled to an effective discount of 20% on any purchase made by the university library itself. Most importantly, members of the programme will be supporting Open Access publishing and our endeavour to make high-quality academic monographs available to everyone to read for free, without charging authors.

  1. Registered users of the library will be able to download for free the full range of formatted digital editions of our books (pdf, epub, XML). Thus any student, faculty member or alumnus registered with the member library/university can freely download and keep any digital edition of any title from our website. A full list of titles is available in our catalogue.

  2. Support the publication of at least 40 new high-quality Open Access research monographs, and support the development and release of open source software that enables more presses to publish open-access books.

  3. Be able to upload any digital edition of our titles to the library's own digital repository or ebook collection to keep permanently. Thus if you decided to terminate your membership you will maintain permanent and uninterrupted access to all titles accessible during your membership period.

  4. Receive a discount of 20% on any printed editions of titles purchased by the library itself and 30% for bulk orders over £150.

  5. Receive a 20% discount on setup charges for all customised editions.

  6. Provide a 15% discount to any registered member of the university library (staff/student/alumnus) on the sales of any printed edition of our titles, purchased from our website.

  7. Receive regular usage statistics.

  8. Download a complete set of MARC records for all OBP titles.

If you are not a member of the programme but would like to know about the discounts we offer for printed editions, please visit our Distribution and Retail page.


Open Book Publishers’ membership allows institutions to choose their pricing tier and support OBP in agreement with their individual funding and subscription capacities. Our tier system consists of recommended prices that align with each institution’s size and budget. We won’t impose a tier on any institution, but we encourage institutions that are able to sign-up to their suggested tier or those that would like to join a higher tier to make their selection accordingly. Find out more information on pricing tiers.

Informational Documents

Become a Member

We would be delighted to hear from libraries considering joining the library membership programme or interested in further information. Please do not hesitate to contact our Head of Library Relations, Laura Rodríguez at laura@openbookpublishers.com or libraries@openbookpublishers.com.

Free membership for libraries in Economically Developing Countries

For institutions based in economically developing nations, some fees may not apply. If you are a librarian at a university or library in such a country and would be interested in receiving more information on how to become a member, please contact us at libraries@openbookpublishers.com.