Distribution and Retail

Our model of publishing is affordable and convenient. Our paperbacks retail at around £20, our hardbacks at around £30, and our e-books at under £6, which is significantly less than most academic monographs. All of the books we publish are listed on our website under All Books. Forthcoming publications are also listed here, and marked as 'Forthcoming'.

OBP titles are available to order on our website and from major retailers internationally, including Google Play, Amazon, and iTunes Store.

Our books are available on the following platforms

  • Google Books
  • Amazon KDP
  • OpenEdition
  • DOAB
  • Europeana
  • Elib

Our publications can be found on the following Open Textbook platforms

  • Open Textbook Library
  • BC Campus OpenEd
  • College Open Textbooks (currently only hosting our textbooks, but planning to add our other publications later in the year)
  • OER Commons (currently only hosting our textbooks)

Some of our titles are also available on:

  • Wikimedia
  • Wikiversity
  • Internet Archive
  • Unglue.it

OBP titles are preserved in the UK legal deposit libraries at the British Library, Portico and OpenEdition. Our Member Libraries can download a complete set of MARC records for all OBP titles. Access our Distribution Guidelines.

Information for librarians and booksellers

Our titles are available through distributors of electronic books including:

  • Kobo
  • Dawson
  • ProQuest
  • JStor
  • StreetLib
  • BDSLive
  • CNKI
  • CrossRef

Finally, our books are also available on Amazon and other e-commerce outlets.

When ordering directly from us, we offer the following discounts (please email us at orders@openbookpublishers.com if you would like to enjoy any of these offers).

For booksellers in the UK, US, EU, Canada, Australia and NZ:

  • 10% discount and free shipping to a single address for order under £60
  • 20% discount and free shipping to a single address for orders of £60 and over
  • 35% discount and free shipping to a single address for orders of £100 and over in the UK and £150 and over in other territories

If you are a bookseller and you are not based in the UK, US, EU, Canada, Australia or NZ, please contact us at orders@openbookpublishers.com.

Some of our series are available as a standing order. You can place standing orders through your usual distributor or directly with us.

All our books are printed on paper which is SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative) certified. View our printer's sustainability practices.

We would love to hear from you. If you have any suggestions on how we can best serve librarians and booksellers please contact us at orders@openbookpublishers.com.