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Discoverability and Access

Metadata aggregators

We distribute to the following metadata aggregators/distributors:

  • Ebscohost
  • OverDrive
  • ProQuest (Ebrary)
  • ProQuest KB
  • Proquest (Serial Solutions)
  • Book Citation Index (Thomas Reuters)
  • CNKI (Bejing)
  • OCLC
  • BDSlive
  • ExLibris
  • Ebsco KB
  • DOAB


Our Alma Collection ID is 613840000000000199.


Institutions using a self-hosted EZproxy instance may use Open Book Publisher's stanza to access our content:

AnonymousURL +https://api.openbookpublishers.com*
Title Open Book Publishers (updated 20220722)
URL https://www.openbookpublishers.com
HJ https://openbookpublishers.com
HJ https://www.openbookpublishers.com
HJ openbookpublishers.com
HJ www.openbookpublishers.com
HJ books.openbookpublishers.com
DJ openbookpublishers.com
AnonymousURL -*