Neo-Aramaic and Kurdish Folklore from Northern Iraq: A Comparative Anthology with a Sample of Glossed Texts, Volume 2 - cover image

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Geoffrey Khan; Masoud Mohammadirad; Dorota Molin; Paul M. Noorlander;

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  • English
  • Kurdish
  • Syriac

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604 pages (xiv+590)


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Hardback156 x 46 x 234 mm(6.14" x 1.81" x 9.21")


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  • ethno-religious communities
  • northern Iraq
  • Aramaic-speaking (‘Syriac’) Christians
  • Kurdish Muslims
  • Aramaic-speaking Jews
  • folklore narratives
  • North-Eastern Neo-Aramaic
  • Northern and Central Kurdish
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Neo-Aramaic and Kurdish Folklore from Northern Iraq

A Comparative Anthology with a Sample of Glossed Texts, Volume 2

This comparative anthology showcases the rich and mutually intertwined folklore of three ethno-religious communities from northern Iraq: Aramaic-speaking (‘Syriac’) Christians, Kurdish Muslims and—to a lesser extent—Aramaic-speaking Jews. The first volume contains several introductory chapters on language, folkore motifs and narrative style, followed by samples of glossed texts in each language variety. The second volume is the anthology proper, presenting folklore narratives in several distinct varieties of North-Eastern Neo-Aramaic and Northern and Central Kurdish. The stories are accompanied by English translations. The material includes different genres such as folktales, legends, fables and anecdotes, and is organised into seven thematic units. The folkloristic material of these three communities is shared to a large extent. The anthology is, therefore, a testament to the intimate and long-standing relations between these three ethno-religious communities—relations that existed in a multilingual environment centuries before the modern era of nationalism.


4. Zambilfrosh

(pp. 3–22)
  • Geoffrey Khan

5. Zambilfrosh

(pp. 23–34)
  • Geoffrey Khan

6. The Joseph Story or Zambilfrosh

(pp. 35–40)
  • Dorota Molin

7. Zanbilfirosh—The Basket-Seller

(pp. 41–60)
  • Masoud Mohammadirad

8. The Bridge of Zakho

(pp. 63–68)
  • Geoffrey Khan

9. The Bridge of Dalale

(pp. 69–76)
  • Dorota Molin

10. The Bridge of Dalale Narrated

(pp. 77–94)
  • Dorota Molin

11. The Bridge of Dalal

(pp. 95–104)
  • Masoud Mohammadirad

12. A ‘Pious’ Fox

(pp. 107–122)
  • Geoffrey Khan

13. A ‘Pious’ Fox

(pp. 123–132)
  • Masoud Mohammadirad

14. A Man and a Lion

(pp. 133–142)
  • Dorota Molin

15. A Man and a Snake

(pp. 143–148)
  • Dorota Molin

16. A Man and a Wolf

(pp. 149–160)
  • Dorota Molin

17. A Woman and a Leopard

(pp. 161–178)
  • Masoud Mohammadirad

18. A Dog, a Ewe and a Wolf

(pp. 179–186)
  • Dorota Molin

19. A Ewe and a Wolf

(pp. 187–198)
  • Masoud Mohammadirad

20. A Family Horse

(pp. 199–206)
  • Masoud Mohammadirad

21. A Man and His Dog

(pp. 207–214)
  • Masoud Mohammadirad

22. A Talking Goat

(pp. 215–220)
  • Masoud Mohammadirad

23. The Poor Girl and Her Horse

(pp. 223–234)
  • Geoffrey Khan

24. A Woman Builds Her Home

(pp. 235–254)
  • Dorota Molin

25. As Precious As Salt

(pp. 255–276)
  • Oz Aloni
  • Dorota Molin

26. Dindik Hinar—A Girl Called Pomegranate Grain

(pp. 277–340)
  • Masoud Mohammadirad

27. The Indecent Neighbour

(pp. 341–346)
  • Masoud Mohammadirad

28. Two Mullahs

(pp. 349–358)
  • Geoffrey Khan

29. Two Mullahs

(pp. 359–366)
  • Masoud Mohammadirad

30. The Girl, Her Evil Stepmother and the Old Witch

(pp. 367–422)
  • Masoud Mohammadirad

31. Firyat and Khajija

(pp. 423–434)
  • Masoud Mohammadirad

32. Mirza Muhammad and the Forty Monsters

(pp. 437–492)
  • Paul M. Noorlander

33. Mirza Muhammad and the Three Princesses

(pp. 493–504)
  • Paul M. Noorlander

34. Mirza Muhammad’s Adventures

(pp. 505–546)
  • Masoud Mohammadirad

35. Mar Yohanan (St. John)

(pp. 549–562)
  • Geoffrey Khan

36. Mar Giwargis (St. George)

(pp. 563–570)
  • Dorota Molin

37. The Prophet’s Horse

(pp. 571–578)
  • Masoud Mohammadirad

38. The Foul-Mouthed Priest

(pp. 579–586)
  • Masoud Mohammadirad


Geoffrey Khan

Regius Professor of Hebrew at University of Cambridge

Masoud Mohammadirad

Postdoctoral Research Associate at University of Cambridge

Dorota Molin

Postdoctoral Research Associate at University of Cambridge

Paul M. Noorlander

Postdoctoral Research Associate at University of Cambridge

Lourd Habeeb Hanna


Aziz Emmanuel Eliya Al-Zebari


Salim Abraham