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Global Warming in Local Discourses: How Communities around the World Make Sense of Climate Change

Global Warming in Local Discourses: How Communities around the World Make Sense of Climate Change Michael Brüggemann and Simone Rödder (eds.)
With an interdisciplinary scope and a weaving together of global and local climate change concerns, Global Warming in Local Discourses provides an excellent example for the type of collection urgently needed right now. Merging communication studies methods with social histories and cultural studies, this collection offers a range of perspectives on how global warming is perceived, experienced, communicated, and acted upon differently across the world. Quite crucially, it reminds us of the importance of understanding the local challenges, suffering, and response so often overlooked when addressing this global problem, and offers dynamic ways for assessing them.
—Hunter Vaughan, University of Colorado Boulder and Editor of Journal of Environmental Media

As the idea of climate change reaches ever more widely across societies, there is a need to deepen our understanding of the sheer diversity of ways in which people make sense of their changing climate.  Global Warming in Local Discourses does just this.  From Germany to Tanzania and from Bangladesh to Greenland, Brüggemann and Rödder bring together carefully researched accounts of what people perceive is happening to their local climates, and why.  These authors explain why local discourses of social change become climatised and how transnational climate discourses become localised.  This book brilliantly shows how the idea of climate change performs many different cultural and political functions as it travels around the world, meeting a sheer diversity of people and cultures along the way.
—Mike Hulme, University of Cambridge

This book provides fascinating accounts of how spatially distant communities across this planet nonetheless share many important commonalities. Michael Brüggemann and Simone Rödder have very effectively drawn together many ways of learning and knowing about a changing climate by way of extreme events experienced in varied locations. From Maasiland to Greenland and from Bangladesh to Tanzania, patterns they identify here are immensely helpful for those seeking to more effectively make progress on politically-, culturally- and socially-sensitive climate engagement and action. I recommend this book to everyone working to make sense of how we as a global community can more effectively learn from each other and utilize common ground to substantively address climate change in the twenty-first century.
—Max Boykoff, University of Colorado Boulder

Global news on anthropogenic climate change is shaped by international politics, scientific reports and voices from transnational protest movements. This timely volume asks how local communities engage with these transnational discourses.

The chapters in this volume present a range of compelling case studies drawn from a broad cross-section of local communities around the world, reflecting diverse cultural and geographical contexts. From Greenland to northern Tanzania, it illuminates how different understandings evolve in diverse cultural and geographical contexts while also revealing some common patterns of how people make sense of climate change. Global Warming in Local Discourses constitutes a significant, new contribution to understanding the multi-perspectivity of our debates on climate change, further highlighting the need for interdisciplinary study within this area.

It will be a valuable resource to those studying climate and science communication; those interested in understanding the various roles played by journalism, NGOs, politics and science in shaping public understandings of climate change, as well as those exploring the intersections of the global and the local in debates on the sustainable transformation of societies.

Global Warming in Local Discourses: How Communities around the World Make Sense of Climate Change
Michael Brüggemann and Simone Rödder (eds.) | Forthcoming 2020
Global Communications vol. 1 | ISSN 2634-7245 (Print) | 2634-7253 (Online)
Paperback: 9781783749591
ISBN Hardback: 9781783749607
ISBN Digital (PDF): 9781783748051
ISBN Digital ebook (epub): 9781783749386
ISBN Digital ebook (mobi): 9781783749393
ISBN Digital (XML): 9781783749409
DOI: 10.11647/OBP.0212
Categories: BIC: RN (The environment), RNT (Social impact of environmental issues), RNA (Environmentalist thought and ideology), JFD (Media studies), J (Society and social sciences), PSAF (Ecological science, the Biosphere); BISAC: SCI019000 (SCIENCE / Earth Sciences / General), SCI026000 (SCIENCE / Environmental Science), SCI042000 (SCIENCE / Earth Sciences / Meteorology & Climatology), SOC026040 (SOCIAL SCIENCE / Sociology / Social Theory)