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Freja C. Eriksen

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pp. 31-76

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45 pages

The Case of “Costa del Nuuk”

Greenlanders Make Sense of Global Climate Change

  • Freja C. Eriksen (author)
This chapter investigates how fifteen inhabitants of the Greenlandic capital, Nuuk, make sense of climate change and its impacts through media exposure and personal experiences. While Greenland’s melting ice sheet has long served as a backdrop to the global climate debate, local public views of climate change have largely been overlooked. This study finds that, although the media is an important source of information about climate change for the inhabitants of Nuuk, their sense-making of the phenomenon is saturated by personal experiences. Alarmist media representations, for instance, are continuously challenged by references to personal experiences of positive local impacts of climate change. The chapter identifies six distinctions underlying the inhabitants’ sense-making of climate change — natural/unnatural, certainty/uncertainty, self/other, local/global, positive/negative, and environment/economy.


Freja C. Eriksen