Marketing and Publicity

All OBP books undergo a targeted marketing campaign: we send review copies to leading and subject-specific journals, and at the time of publication, each book is promoted extensively through email notices to libraries and personalized messages to academics. Every new title features prominently on our website and is marketed via our social media channels. We also encourage you to play an active role in promoting your work: Open Book Publishers has over 10,000 combined followers on Twitter and Facebook, and we offer our authors the chance to write a blog post or to share podcasts and videos with this audience. Social media is one of our most effective marketing tools, and this is an engaging and interactive way for you to reach a large number of potential readers.

Promote Your Book

Do you want to promote your work, drive downloads and increase access? The following helpful tips will steer you in the right direction.

Social Media

Social media platforms are a powerful tool to help you promote your research. Every minute more than 350,000 tweets are shared and on Facebook users interact with more than 4 million posts. We suggest you use these social media platforms to promote your title. We also encourage you to tag our OBP Twitter account on your posts (@openbookpublish) to ensure that your tweet reaches as many potential readers as possible. We provide all authors with digital marketing images that can be used in their social media posts. For more information please contact

Videos and Blogs

We actively invite our authors to contribute to our blog. Our blog posts consist of roughly 700 words and a pointed or even polemical take on one of the issues raised by the book. Here is one of our past author blog posts. We also encourage authors to film a video as part of our series of short interviews with authors. These videos involve the author filming themselves and sending the raw footage to our team. Our team then takes care of the editing and creates a final version that is uploaded to the OBP website and YouTube channel and can be reused and shared by everyone. Click here to see past authors' interviews.

The Conversation

We also support author’s pitches to The Conversation, ‘an independent source of news analysis and informed comment written by academic experts, working with professional journalists who help share their knowledge with the world.’ The Conversation is a fantastic way to increase your research impact and reach out to a wider public. We pitch all our new titles to them on a monthly basis but if you are an author and would like to pitch your title separately with our support, please contact us and we will help you in the process.