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Images and Audio/Video Material

OBP is happy to embed images, audio and video material in any publication. Some of our titles feature hundreds of images, while others (see for example Denis Diderot’s ‘Rameau’s Nephew’: A Multi-Media Bilingual Edition and A Musicology of Performance) harness the possibilities of digital publishing through a wealth of embedded audio resources.

Please note that it is the author's responsibility to provide complete information about each image and audio/video file they wish to include in their book or chapter, and to obtain permission for reuse. OBP provides a log to track the permissions as well as a permission request form (see below). We must receive the completed log and permissions from the copyright holders for our records.

For legal reasons we can only publish images, audio/video and online resources for which we have permission letters signed by the copyright holders, unless they are in the Public Domain.


You can download a useful guide on how to prepare images for publication and request reuse permission. You can also download our image info log, and the relevant permission request form.


You can download a useful guide on how to prepare audio/video material for publication. You can also download our audio/video info log and the relevant permission request form.

Every reasonable effort is made to identify and contact copyright holders but if you think we have omitted anything, or made the wrong attribution, please notify us by writing to r.gatti@openbookpublishers.com.