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Laura Czerniewicz; Catherine Cronin;

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Higher Education for Good

Teaching and Learning Futures

After decades of turbulence and acute crises in recent years, how can we build a better future for Higher Education?

Thoughtfully edited by Laura Czerniewicz and Catherine Cronin, this rich and diverse collection by academics and professionals from across 17 countries and many disciplines offers a variety of answers to this question. It addresses the need to set new values for universities, trapped today in narratives dominated by financial incentives and performance indicators, and examines those “wicked” problems which need multiple solutions, resolutions, experiments, and imaginaries.

This mix of new and well-established voices provides hopeful new ways of thinking about Higher Education across a range of contexts, and how to concretise initiatives to deal with local and global challenges. In an unusual and refreshing way, the contributors provide insights about resilience tactics and collective actions across different levels of higher education using an array of styles and formats including essays, poetry, and speculative fiction.

With its interdisciplinary appeal, this book presents itself as a provocative and inspiring resource for universities, students, and scholars. Higher Education for Good courageously offers critique, hope, and purpose for the practice and the trajectory of Higher Education.


This book is an experience, not just something to read. The originality of the book’s contribution lies not only in its engaging formats of images, prose, poetry and more, but in the inspiring and important intellectual contribution made by the chapters individually and collectively.

Jan McArthur

Senior Lecturer, Head of Educational Research, Lancaster University

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  • Catherine Cronin
  • Laura Czerniewicz
  • Sherri Spelic
  • Mona Ghali
  • Leslie Chan
  • Paul Prinsloo
  • Giulia Forsythe
  • Lorna Campbell
  • Frances Bell
  • Lou Mycroft
  • Anne-Marie Scott

11. Calm in the storm

(pp. 291–302)
  • Chrissi Nerantzi
  • Paola Corti
  • Elizabeth Childs
  • George Veletsianos
  • Tamara Leary
  • Amber Donahue
  • Kyla McLeod
  • Anne-Marie Scott
  • Sharon Flynn
  • Maeve A. Devoy
  • Julie Byrne
  • Eimer Magee
  • Morag Munro
  • Jonny Johnston
  • Rob Lowney
  • Kate Molloy
  • Kyle Wright
  • David Moloney
  • Fernandos Ongolly
  • Jasmine Ryan
  • Suzanne Stone
  • Michaela Waters
  • Philip Mbulalina Dambisya
  • Benedict Khumalo
  • Kristin van Tonder
  • Aleya Ramparsad Banwari
  • Kate Molloy
  • Clare Thomson
  • Judith Pete
  • Juliana Elisa Raffaghelli
  • Caroline Kuhn
  • David Monk
  • Jonathan Harle
  • Femi Nzegwu
  • Perpetua Joseph Kalimasi
  • Edwin Ngowi
  • Flora Masumbuo Fabian
  • Rehema Kilonzo
  • Gloria Lamaro
  • Albert Luswata
  • Damary Sikalieh
  • Primo G. Garcia
  • Ana Katrina Marcial
  • Patricia Arinto
  • Pradeep Kumar Misra
  • Sanjaya Mishra
  • Anne-Marie Scott
  • Brenna Clarke Gray


Laura Czerniewicz

Professor Emerita at University of Cape Town

Laura Czerniewicz has worked in education throughout her professional life as a teacher, teacher educator, publisher, strategist, researcher, and scholar. She is professor emerita at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. With personal links to South Africa, Zimbabwe, France, Poland, New Zealand, and Germany, she considers herself a world citizen. Laura’s work has been underpinned by an enduring concern about digital and social inequities; this has manifested recently in research on changing forms of teaching and learning provision and in the datafication of education. She has a long-standing commitment to open education and serious unease about the corporate capture of higher education. She serves on the editorial boards of many national and international journals; has been an interested contributor and participant at relevant events on every continent; and is an active reviewer of pertinent articles, books, proposals etc. and blogs at https://czernie.weebly.com

Catherine Cronin


Catherine Cronin is an independent scholar whose work focuses on critical and social justice approaches in digital, open, and higher education. Born in the Bronx and now living in the west of Ireland, Catherine has interwoven work in higher education, community education, and activism for 40 years in multiple countries and contexts. She recently completed a three-year strategic role in Ireland’s National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education where she led sector-wide projects in digital and open education. She has master’s degrees in systems engineering and women’s studies and a PhD in open education (University of Galway). She received a GO-GN Fellowship in 2022 for Just Knowledge, her research on equity-focused, community-based, open knowledge. Catherine has published widely and openly on critical and social justice approaches, digital and open education, and intersectional feminism. She serves on the editorial boards of several journals, is an active member of FemEdTech, and contributes regularly to collaborative projects within Ireland and globally. Catherine blogs and shares scholarship at http:// catherinecronin.net