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Ingrid Robeyns


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    Having too Much

    Philosophical Essays on Limitarianism

    Having Too Much is the first academic volume devoted to limitarianism: the idea that the use of economic or ecosystem resources should not exceed certain limits.

    This concept has deep roots in economic and political thought. One can find similar statements of such limits in thinkers such as Plato, Aquinas, and Spinoza. But Having Too Much is the first time in contemporary political philosophy that limitarianism is explored at length and in detail.

    Bringing together in one place the best writing from key theorists of limitarianism, this book is an essential contribution to political philosophy in general, and theories of distributive justice in particular. Including some of the key published articles as well as new chapters, Having Too Much is necessary reading for scholars and students of political theory and philosophy, as well as anyone interested in questions of distributive justice.


    The collection of essays in this volume encompasses much of the top-tier literature on a novel view in political theory—limitarianism. Questions of whether imposing limits on wealth can be justified are discussed at length and from multiple perspectives, drawing on core approaches to justice, as well as democratic theory, the history of ideas, republicanism, and environmental policies. The book is a valuable resource for academics working on political theory or related fields, and for a non-specialist audience interested in the phenomenon and problems associated with wealth concentration.

    Alexandru Volacu

    University of Bucharest


    Ingrid Robeyns

    Chair in Ethics of Institutions at the Ethics Institute at Utrecht University