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1. Introducing the Philosophy of Limitarianism

This chapter starts by describing the basic intuition of limitarianism, namely that there can be situations in which a person has accumulated too many material resources. It then gives some brief comments on the recent emergence of this literature, as well as its development. Next, it moves to describing the three aims of the volume: to provide an overview of the literature, to advance novel arguments, and to bring the debates on economic limitarianism and ecological limitarianism more into conversation. The chapter closes by discussing some areas of future work.


Ingrid Robeyns

Chair in Ethics of Institutions at Utrecht University

Ingrid Robeyns holds the chair in Ethics of Institutions at Utrecht University. She received her PhD dissertation from Cambridge University in 2003 and has since been publishing widely on questions of distributive justice, inequalities, applied ethics, and methodological considerations. She served as the first Director of the Dutch Research School of Philosophy, as the former director of Utrecht University’s Ethics Institute, and as the eighth president of the Human Development and Capability Association. She has co-edited two edited volumes and three special journal issues, and has previously published the book Wellbeing, Freedom and Social Justice (2017, with Open Book Publishers. She currently has a contract with Allen Lane (UK) and Astra House (USA) for a trade book on limitarianism (with translation rights sold to seven other publishers), which is scheduled to appear in the winter of 2023–2024.