Applied Theatre Praxis


Applied Theatre Praxis (ATP) is an OBP series that focuses on Applied Theatre practitioner-researchers who use their rehearsal rooms as "labs”; spaces in which theories are generated, explored and/or experimented with before being implemented in contentious and/or vulnerable contexts.  As Helen Nicholson comments (in Etherton and Prentki, 2006:143), "for those of us engaged in research and dramatic practice which take place in community, educational and institutional settings, there is a need to submit our work to critical questioning as part of a continual process of negotiating and renegotiating our ethical positioning”. In this vein, ATP invites writing that is focussed on "theory building” (Hughes and Wilson, 2004:71) ― writing that draws from the author/s’ praxis to generate theory for diverse manifestations of Applied Theatre.

Given OBPs flexible publishing format, this series welcomes both traditional-length and short-form monographs – the latter being applicable for works that utilize a length between a traditional monograph (80,000 words) and a journal article (5,000 words). Furthermore, since OBP’s   approach allows for the integration of multimedia, books in the ATP series could contain audio-visual documentation that explicitly showcases the dynamism that is involved in theatrical research.

 Editorial Board: Nandita DineshPhilip Taylor, Natasha Oxley and Sruti Bala.

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