We're a scholar-led, non-profit open access press. We were founded by academics who wanted to make the best research freely and widely available, so all our books are published in high-quality open access editions as well as affordable paperback, hardback, and ebook editions, and we don't charge authors to publish with us.

We publish monographs, edited collections, and textbooks, as well as technically innovative projects. We rigorously peer review any manuscript before we publish it. Our books win prizes and are widely read and reviewed: we want to make sure that brilliant academic books are readily available and easily accessed across the world.

Rad the testimonials below to hear from some of our authors, and from journals who have commented on our work as a press. You can also find reviews and testimonials for individual books on their home page via the catalogue.

Testimonials from Authors

In a lifetime of working with publishers in one capacity or another, I have never encountered any like OBP. In my individual collaborations with you all, you have been perceptive, tireless, accommodating, sensitive, and just a real pleasure to work with. It is pretty much six months to the day since I heard from Alessandra that the manuscript I had submitted to OBP had been accepted for publication. To get from that stage to this in so short a time is quite exceptionally fast, and requires dedication and efficiency of the highest order; but to have at the end of it a book in both digital and print formats, with such high quality of production and already being talked about across the world, is simply off the scale. I don't have the words to say how impressed, and deeply grateful, I am.

Jonathan Mallinson

Emeritus Professor of Early Modern French Literature and Fellow of Trinity College, Oxford

Our books are regularly reviewed in publications, academic journals and scholarly blogs including The Times Literary Supplement, Times Higher Education, Essays in Criticism, Modern Language Review, Choice Review, Romanticism, The Year’s Work in English Studies / The Year’s Work in Critical and Cultural Theory, Medieval Aevum, The English Historical Review, International Studies in the Philosophy of Science, Journal of European Studies, Slavic and East European Journal, and Counterfire.

You can find links to reviews and awards on the individual title pages in our catalogue, and a list of our prize-winning books. Our press is also positively reviewed in journals, and you can see some examples below.

Testimonials from Journals

Jan Ziolkowski’s patient and ground-breaking effort encourages us to pay more attention to the benevolent and less sensational examples of modern receptions of the medieval. His books, freely accessible as they are via OpenBook publishers in .pdf and online versions (https://www.openbookpublishers.com/product/697), are decades ahead of an academic industry still mostly wed to print and to prices that are sustainable only for the richest university libraries and independently wealthy individuals.

Richard Utz

Georgia Institute of Technology, The Medieval Review, 21.12.02