Mendl Mannís 'The Fall of Berlin'

Mendl Mannís 'The Fall of Berlin' Translated and with an Introduction by Maurice Wolfthal
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Mendl Mannís autobiographical novel The Fall of Berlin tells the painful yet compelling story of life as a Jewish soldier in the Red Army. Menakhem Isaacovich is a Polish Jew who, after fleeing the Nazis, finds refuge in the USSR. Translated into English from the original Yiddish by Maurice Wolfthal, the narrative follows Menakhem as he fights on the front line in Stalinís Red Army against Hitler and the Nazis who are destroying his homeland of Poland and exterminating the Jews.
Menakhem encounters anti-Semitism on various occasions throughout the novel, and struggles to comprehend how seemingly normal people could hold such appalling views. As Mann writes, it is odd that "vicious, insidious anti-Semitism could reside in a person with elevated feelings, an average person, a decent personĒ. The Fall of Berlin is both a striking and timelylook at the struggle that many Jewish soldiers faced.

An affecting and unique book, which eloquently explores a variety of themes Ė such as anti-Semitism, patriotism, Stalinism and life as a Jewish soldier in the Second World War Ė this is essential reading for anyone interested in the Yiddish language, Jewish history, and the history of World War II.


Mendl Mannís 'The Fall of Berlin'
Translated and with an Introduction by Maurice Wolfthal | December 2020
250 pp. | 3 colour illustrations | 6.14" x 9.21" (234 x 156 mm)
ISBN Paperback: 9781800640771
ISBN Hardback: 9781800640788
ISBN Digital (PDF): 9781800640795
ISBN Digital ebook (epub): 9781800640801
ISBN Digital ebook (mobi): 9781800640818
ISBN Digital (XML): 9781800640825
DOI: 10.11647/OBP.0233
BIC Subject Codes: JFC (Cultural Studies), HBLW (20th century history), JFSR1 (Jewish studies), 1DFG (Germany); BISAC: HIS022000 (HISTORY / Jewish), HIS010010 (HISTORY / Europe / Eastern), HIS037070 (HISTORY / Modern / 20th Century); OCLC Number: 1227026321.

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Maurice Wolfthal has translated from the Yiddish: Yitzhak Erlichsonís Mayne fir yor in sovyet-rusland [My Four Years in Soviet Russia] (Academic Studies Press, 2013); excerpts from Nokhem Shtifís Pogromen in ukrayne: di tsayt fun der frayviliger armey [The Pogroms in Ukraine: the Period of the Volunteer Army] in a Journal of Yiddish Studies, September 2016; and excerpts from Nokhem Shtifís Yidn un yidish [The Jews and Yiddish] in a Journal of Yiddish Studies, October 2015. His translation of Shmerke Kaczerginskiís Khurbn vilne [The Destruction of the Jewish Community in Vilna] is forthcoming with Wayne State University Press. Maurice Wolfthal has also written the award-winning translation of Bernard Weinsteinís The Jewish Unions in America, and Mendl Mann's 'The Fall of Berlin', both published by Open Book Publishers.