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Luke Clossey

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Jesus and the Making of the Modern Mind, 1380-1520

  • Luke Clossey (author)
For his fifteenth-century followers, Jesus was everywhere – from baptism to bloodcults to bowling. This sweeping and unconventional investigation looks at Jesus across one hundred forty years of social, cultural, and intellectual history. Mystics married him, Renaissance artists painted him in three dimensions, Muslim poets praised his life-giving breath, and Christopher (“Christ-bearing”) Columbus brought the symbol of his cross to the Americas. Beyond the European periphery, this global study follows Jesus across – and sometimes between – religious boundaries, from Greenland to Kongo to China.

Amidst this diversity, Jesus and the Making of the Modern Mind, 1380-1520 offers readers sympathetic and immersive insight into the religious realities of its subjects. To this end, this book identifies two perspectives: one uncovers hidden meanings and unexpected connections, while the other restricts Jesus to the space and time of human history. Minds that believed in Jesus, and those that opposed him, made use of both perspectives to make sense of their worlds.

This book includes over one hundred images, tables and audio clips.


  • Luke Clossey

2. The Two Kens

(pp. 13–28)
  • Luke Clossey
  • Luke Clossey
  • Luke Clossey

5. Jesus Places

(pp. 81–102)
  • Luke Clossey
  • Luke Clossey

8. Jesus Objects

(pp. 165–198)
  • Luke Clossey

10. Making Canon

(pp. 241–264)
  • Luke Clossey

11. Interpreting Canon

(pp. 267–332)
  • Luke Clossey

12. Ways of Knowing

(pp. 333–354)
  • Luke Clossey
  • Luke Clossey
  • Luke Clossey
  • Luke Clossey
  • Luke Clossey

17. Language and Power

(pp. 519–548)
  • Luke Clossey
  • Luke Clossey

19. Resembling Jesus

(pp. 593–614)
  • Luke Clossey
  • Luke Clossey
  • Luke Clossey
  • Luke Clossey


Luke Clossey

Associate Professor of Global History at Simon Fraser University

Luke Clossey is an associate professor of global history at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada. His first book, Salvation and Globalization in the Early Jesuit Missions (Cambridge UP, 2008), won the Canadian Historical Association's Ferguson Prize for best work of non-Canadian history; a chapter from it won a paper prize from the World History Association. His writings on global religion, the history of ideas, and history methodology have appeared in the Journal of World History, the Journal of Global History, the Journal of Early Modern History, the Sixteenth Century Journal, Global History Review 全球史评 论 , History Compass, the Wiley-Blackwell Companion to World Literature, and The Cambridge World History.