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The European Experience: A Multi-Perspective History of Modern Europe, 1500–2000 - cover image


Jan Hansen; Jochen Hung; Jaroslav Ira; Judit Klement; Sylvain Lesage; Juan Luis Simal; Andrew Tompkins;




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    The European Experience

    A Multi-Perspective History of Modern Europe, 1500–2000

    • Jan Hansen (editor)
    • Jochen Hung (editor)
    • Jaroslav Ira (editor)
    • Judit Klement (editor)
    • Sylvain Lesage (editor)
    • Juan Luis Simal (editor)
    • Andrew Tompkins (editor)
    The European Experience brings together the expertise of nearly a hundred historians from eight European universities to internationalise and diversify the study of modern European history, exploring a grand sweep of time from 1500 to 2000. Offering a valuable corrective to the Anglocentric narratives of previous English-language textbooks, scholars from all over Europe have pooled their knowledge on comparative themes such as identities, cultural encounters, power and citizenship, and economic development to reflect the complexity and heterogeneous nature of the European experience. Rather than another grand narrative, the international author teams offer a multifaceted and rich perspective on the history of the continent of the past 500 years. Each major theme is dissected through three chronological sub-chapters, revealing how major social, political and historical trends manifested themselves in different European settings during the early modern (1500–1800), modern (1800–1900) and contemporary period (1900–2000).

    This resource is of utmost relevance to today’s history students in the light of ongoing internationalisation strategies for higher education curricula, as it delivers one of the first multi-perspective and truly ‘European’ analyses of the continent’s past. Beyond the provision of historical content, this textbook equips students with the intellectual tools to interrogate prevailing accounts of European history, and enables them to seek out additional perspectives in a bid to further enrich the discipline.


    Introducing students to early modern, modern, and contemporary European history in all its geographic and thematic breadth is a formidable challenge. The European Experience tackles it impressively. Its series of short chapters cover immense ground, ranging from generations and economic divergences to geography and environmental history. This structure makes the book ideal for the university classroom, as primary and complementary reading material, especially on issues of identity, borders, and Europe's Others. The book sets a high bar for future pedagogy.

    Orel Beilinson

    Yale University


    Jochen Hung

    Assistant Professor in Cultural History, Department of History and Art History at Utrecht University

    Jaroslav Ira


    Judit Klement


    Sylvain Lesage


    Juan Luis Simal


    Andrew Tompkins