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  • Sefer ha-Pardes
  • Provençal Jewish author
  • Jedaiah ha-Penini
  • musar
  • wise epigrams
  • meshalim
  • English-Hebrew parallel text
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Sefer ha-Pardes by Jedaiah ha-Penini

A Critical Edition with English Translation

  • David Torollo (author)
This groundbreaking new work is the first full critical edition and English translation of the Hebrew book Sefer ha-Pardes [The Book of the Orchard], written at the end of the thirteenth century by the Provençal Jewish author Jedaiah ha-Penini. It is purportedly an example of musar: a compilation of wise epigrams and meshalim [parables] that teach moral lessons on different topics, such as the service of God, friendship, the deceitfulness of the world, medicine, logic, music, magic, and poetry. However, it is in reality a compendium of sayings that reveal the author’s personal views and feelings on a variety of religious topics, secular sciences, and their practitioners.

David Torollo presents a fluent and illuminating English-Hebrew parallel text based on four sixteenth-century witnesses: three manuscripts and a printed edition. A rigorous study accompanies and contextualises the Hebrew work, exploring Sefer ha-Pardes’s transmission and reception in different places over time; its structure and content; its place in the intellectual environment and literary tradition of Provence; and possible lines of enquiry for future research.

This essential new work offers a significant contribution to scholarship in the field of Medieval Hebrew Hispano-Provencal literature.



(pp. 1–18)

    Parallel Text

    (pp. 19–160)


      David Torollo

      Lecturer in Jewish Studies at Universidad Complutense de Madrid