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Susan Isaacs

A Life Freeing the Minds of Children

  • Philip Graham (author)
This revised and expanded edition of Susan Isaacs: A Life Freeing the Minds of Children by Philip Graham, provides a comprehensive biography of a highly influential educationist and psychoanalyst. The book covers Isaacs’ childhood through to the end of her life, making it of great interest to historians of British education and of psychoanalysis as well as to practicing early years teachers and psychoanalysts.

Graham describes the origins of the theories behind Isaacs’ work while also placing her contribution into context with other contemporary educationists. He draws on a range of sources including her own published and unpublished papers, multiple archives and intimate letters. Such wealth of information and anecdotes gives an insight into her childhood, marriage, and career creating a deeper understanding of both Isaacs’ personal life and her achievements.

As only the second biography on Isaacs, this book is a valuable resource that shines a light on the life of a figure who has often been neglected in this field of study. It provides a shift away from the various male-dominated accounts currently prevalent within this area of research. Susan Isaacs is crucial reading to raise our awareness and appreciation of the person behind the work, while also highlighting and celebrating the impact she has made on today’s education and psychoanalytic practice.

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(pp. ix–xiv)
  • Philip Graham
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(pp. xvii–xxviii)
  • Philip Graham

1. Damaged Roots

(pp. 1–25)
  • Philip Graham

2. Our Star Student

(pp. 25–42)
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  • Philip Graham
  • Philip Graham

7. Resurfacing

(pp. 139–160)
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  • Philip Graham
  • Philip Graham
  • Philip Graham
  • Philip Graham

13. Legacies

(pp. 287–312)
  • Philip Graham

14. Postscript

(pp. 313–332)
  • Philip Graham


Philip Graham

Emeritus Professor of Child Psychiatry at University College London

Philip Graham is Emeritus Professor of Child Psychiatry, University College, London. Before retirement, he was a consultant in child psychiatry at the Hospital for Sick Children, Great Ormond Street, London. Other positions he has held include Dean of the Institute of Child Health, London, President of the European Society of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Consultant Adviser in Child Mental Health to the World Health Organisation, Chair of the National Children’s Bureau, Chair of the Association of Child and Adolescent Mental Health and Chair of Dignity in Dying. He has published a large number of articles and books in his professional field as well as books of wider interest including a biography of another educationist, Susan Isaacs.