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Fatima Alsalem

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pp. 163-180

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17 pages

10. Kuwait

From "Hollywood of the Gulf" to Social Media Diwaniyas

  • Fatima Alsalem (author)
Chapter of: Arab Media Systems(pp. 163–180)
The media in Kuwait is relatively free and includes a wide variety of viewpoints expressing disparate views in a unique competitive culture. The press in Kuwait has always been privately-owned by influential elites, allowing for wide range of opinion expression, but it has been limited to some degree by censorship and media laws. Nevertheless, the press exerts a strong influence on public opinion. Private broadcast media emerged in 2004 when the state ban was removed. Although private TV and radio stations enjoy a fair amount of freedom in Kuwait, especially when compared with other Gulf states, they are subject to government laws and regulations.


Fatima Alsalem