Janis Jefferies

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1. Publishing Industry

  • Janis Jefferies (author)
Jeffries’ article focuses on the increasing emphasis in the publishing sphere put upon digitisation and sustainability, and the transformation of books to ereaders, from paper to screen. She looks at this firstly from the perspective of the author, and then of the reader, focussing on the pressure that giants like Amazon are putting on publishers and published authors, with its ‘print on demand facilities’. She moves on to discuss the fate of books in this electronic age, pointing out that many bookshops have still managed to flourish during this more competitive era. The article finishes by touching on innovative initiatives within the sphere, where text meets technology, such as Stephen Fry’s YourFry — a collaborative global project to reinterpret the words and narrative of Stephen’s new memoir, More Fool Me.


Janis Jefferies