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6. Telling Stories or Selling Stories: Writing for Pleasure, Writing for Art or Writing to Get Paid?

  • Sophie Rochester (author)
When does writing as an art-form finish and writing as part of a commercial publishing infrastructure begin?  Considering how differently authors are being paid now, how much has changed and what are the problems that digital has bought in terms of proliferation of 'writers' and where are the opportunities? The gatekeepers of literature have changed and the chapter discusses what this means for 'traditional' authors versus next generation 'content creators' on Wattpad and other platforms and income models around both. Who defines quality in the digital age and is it a good or a bad thing that the gatekeepers for literature are changing? Rochester looks at new opportunities which are emerging for writers in light of convergence of media and digital transformation - and how 'storytelling' has become core not only to publishing, but to advertising, social media and more.


Sophie Rochester