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3. Laarimbu and Qiimunso

  • Li Dechun (author)
  • Gerald Roche (author)
Laarimbu and Qiimunso (in Mongghul) tells the story of two star-crossed lovers. Laarimbu is a herder from a poor family, whilst Qiimunso cares for the livestock of her wealthy family. They meet while out herding and fall in love, but their plans to unite as a couple are thwarted by Qiimunso’s brother. Finding Qiimunso’s choice of a lover unacceptable, he murders Laarimbu. Qiimunso thereafter commits suicide by throwing herself on Laarimbu’s funeral pyre. Reunited in the afterlife, the two lovers take their revenge on Qiimunso’s brother.


Li Dechun


Gerald Roche