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Essays in Honour of Eamonn Cantwell

Yeats Annual No. 20

  • Warwick Gould (editor)
This number of Yeats Annual collects the essays resulting from the University College Cork/ESB International Annual W. B. Yeats Lectures Series (2003-2008) by Roy Foster, Warwick Gould, John Kelly, Paul Muldoon, Bernard O’Donoghue and Helen Vendler. Those that were available in pamphlet form are now collectors’ items, but here is the complete series.

These revised essays cover such themes as Yeats and the Refrain, Yeats as a Love Poet, Yeats, Ireland and Europe, the puzzles he created and solved with his art of poetic sequences, and his long and crucial interaction with the emerging T. S. Eliot. The series was inaugurated by a study of Yeats and his Books, which marked the gift to the Boole Library, Cork, of Dr Eamonn Cantwell’s collection of rare editions of books by Yeats (here catalogued by Crónán Ó Doibhlin). Many of the volume’s fifty-six plates offer images of artists’ designs and resulting first editions.

This bibliographical theme is continued with Colin Smythe’s census of surviving copies of Yeats’s earliest separate publication, Mosada (1886) and a resultant piece by Warwick Gould on that dramatic poem’s source in the legend of the Phantom Ship. John Kelly reveals Yeats’s ghost-writing for Sarah Allgood; Geert Lernout discovers the source for Yeats’s ‘Tulka’, Günther Schmigalle unearths his surprising connexions with American communist colonists in Virginia, while Deirdre Toomey edits some new letters to the French anarchist, Auguste Hamon—all providing new annotation for standard editions. The volume is rounded with review essays by Colin McDowell (on A Vision, and Yeats, Hone and Berkeley), shorter reviews of current studies by Michael Edwards, Jad Adams and Deirdre Toomey, and obituaries of Jon Stallworthy (Nicolas Barker) and Katharine Worth (Richard Cave).


The admirable Yeats Annual... a powerful base of biographical and textual knowledge. Since 1982 the vade mecum of Yeats.

Bernard O'Donoghue

The Times Literary Supplement (0307-661X),



(pp. xxxv–xlii)
  • Warwick Gould

Yeats and his Books

(pp. 3–70)
  • Warwick Gould

‘Philosophy and Passion’: W. B. Yeats, Ireland and Europe

(pp. 71–96)
  • R. F. Foster

Yeats the Love Poet

(pp. 97–118)
  • Bernard O’Donoghue

The Puzzle of Sequence: Two Political Poems

(pp. 119–154)
  • Helen Vendler

Moving on Silence: Yeats and the Refrain as Symbol

(pp. 155–178)
  • Paul Muldoon

Eliot and Yeats

(pp. 179–228)
  • John Kelly

The Cantwell Collection

(pp. 229–236)
  • Crónán Ó Doibhlin

W. B. Yeats’s <i>Mosada</i>

(pp. 239–262)
  • Colin Smythe

Yeats and the Flying Dutchman

(pp. 263–286)
  • Warwick Gould

Yeats and Tukaram: ‘An Asylum for my Affections’

(pp. 287–292)
  • Geert Lernout

‘I am sitting in a café with two French-Americans’: W. B. Yeats, Max Dauthendey, James and Theodosia Durand. Durand’s ‘Communistic Manifesto’

(pp. 293–334)
  • Günther Schmigalle

Three Letters from Yeats to the Anarchist, Augustin Hamon

(pp. 335–342)
  • Deirdre Toomey

Ghost-writing for Sara Allgood

(pp. 343–374)
  • John Kelly


(pp. 375–378)
  • Nicolas Barker


(pp. 379–384)
  • Richard Allen Cave

<i>A Vision: The Revised 1937 Edition</i>, edited by Margaret Mills Harper and Catherine E. Paul, <i>The Collected Works of W. B. Yeats</i>, Vol. XIV (New York: Scribner, 2015), pp. li + 503. A Review Essay

(pp. 387–416)
  • Colin McDowell

An Afterword: The Macmillan Archive and Editorial Policy

(pp. 417–422)
  • Warwick Gould

God-appointed Berkeley and W. J. Mc Cormack’s <i>‘We Irish’ in Europe: Yeats, Berkeley and Joseph Hone</i> (Dublin: University College Dublin Press, 2010), pp. x + 211. A Review Essay

(pp. 423–444)
  • Colin McDowell

Winifred Dawson, <i>The Porter’s Daughter: The Life of Amy Audrey Locke</i> (Published by the author: Winchester, printed by Sarsen Press, 2014), pp. xiv + 138

(pp. 445–450)
  • Jad Adams

Brian Arkins, <i>The Thought of W. B. Yeats</i> (Bern: Peter Lang, 2010), ISBN 978-3-03911939-4, pp. xi + 192; J. P. Mahaffy, <i>Rambles &amp; Studies in Greece</i>, with an Introduction and Commentary by Brian Arkins (Ulster Editions and Monographs 17; Gerrards Cross: Colin Smythe, 2012), ISBN 978-0-86140-430-8, pp. 29 + 241

(pp. 451–454)
  • Michael Edwards

Olivia Shakespear, <i>Beauty’s Hour</i>, edited by Anne Margaret Daniel (Richmond, VA: Valancourt Books, 2016), pp. 89. Foreword, Introduction, and Notes by the Editor. ISBN 978-1-943910-40-3

(pp. 455–457)
  • Deirdre Toomey


Warwick Gould

Emeritus Professor of English Literature at Royal Holloway University of London