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  • Yeats Annual vol. 19
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Margaret Harper Mills; Warwick Gould, unless otherwise stated; Copyright of individual chapters are maintained by the chapter author(s).

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Yeats's Mask

Yeats Annual No. 19

  • Margaret Mills Harper (editor)
  • Warwick Gould (editor)
Yeats’s Mask, Yeats Annual No. 19 is a special issue in this renowned research-level series. Fashionable in the age of Wilde, the Mask changes shape until it emerges as Mask in the system of A Vision. Chronologically tracing the concept through Yeats’s plays and those poems written as ‘texts for exposition’ of his occult thought which flowers in A Vision itself (1925 and 1937), the volume also spotlights ‘The Mask before The Mask’ numerous plays including Cathleen Ni-Houlihan, The King’s Threshold, Calvary, The Words upon the Window-pane, A Full Moon in March and The Death of Cuchulain. There are excurses into studies of Yeats’s friendship with the Oxford don and cleric, William Force Stead, his radio broadcasts, the Chinese contexts for his writing of ‘Lapis Lazuli’. His self-renewal after The Oxford Book of Modern Verse, and the key occult epistolary exchange ‘Leo Africanus’, edited from MSS by Steve L. Adams and George Mills Harper, is republished from the elusive Yeats Annual No. 1 (1982). The essays are by David Bradshaw, Michael Cade-Stewart, Aisling Carlin, Warwick Gould, Margaret Mills Harper, Pierre Longuenesse, Jerusha McCormack, Neil Mann, Emilie Morin, Elizabeth Müller and Alexandra Poulain, with shorter notes by Philip Bishop and Colin Smythe considering Yeats’s quatrain upon remaking himself and the pirate editions of The Land of Heart’s Desire. Ten reviews focus on various volumes of the Cornell Yeats MSS Series, his correspondence with George Yeats, and numerous critical studies. Yeats Annual is published by Open Book Publishers in association with the Institute of English Studies, University of London.


The admirable Yeats Annual... a powerful base of biographical and textual knowledge. Since 1982 the vade mecum of Yeats.

Bernard O'Donoghue

The Times Literary Supplement (0307-661X),


The Mask before The Mask

(pp. 3–47)
  • Warwick Gould

The King’s Threshold, Calvary, The Death of Cuchulain: Yeats’s Passion Plays

(pp. 49–63)
  • Alexandra Poulain

To ‘make others see my dream as I had seen it’: Yeats’s aesthetics in Cathleen ni Houlihan

(pp. 65–76)
  • Aisling Carlin

‘Oxford Poets’: Yeats, T. S. Eliot and William Force Stead

(pp. 77–102)
  • David Bradshaw

Playing with Voices and with Doubles in Two of Yeats’s plays: The Words upon the Window-pane and A Full Moon in March

(pp. 103–120)
  • Pierre Longuenesse

The Mask of Derision in Yeats’s Prologue to A Vision 1937

(pp. 121–146)
  • Elizabeth Müller

A Vision and Yeats’s Late Masks

(pp. 147–166)
  • Margaret Mills Harper

The Mask of A Vision

(pp. 167–189)
  • Neil Mann

‘I beg your pardon?’: W.B. Yeats, Audibility and Sound Transmission

(pp. 191–219)
  • Emilie Morin

Mask and Robe: Yeats’s Oxford Book of Modern Verse (1936) and New Poems (1938)

(pp. 221–257)
  • Michael Cade-Stewart

The Poem on the Mountain: A Chinese Reading of Yeats’s ‘Lapis Lazuli’

(pp. 261–287)
  • Jerusha McCormack

The Manuscript of ‘Leo Africanus’

(pp. 289–335)
  • Tom Walker

‘My Dear Miss Brachvogel . . . ‘A Ms Version of a Yeats Quatrain

(pp. 339–349)
  • Philip R. Bishop

The Land Of Heart’s Desire: Some Hitherto Unrecorded Printings – ‘Work In Progress’

(pp. 351–368)
  • Colin Smythe

Wheels and Butterflies: Title, Structure, Cover Design

(pp. 369–378)
  • Warwick Gould

W. B. Yeats and Lady Gregory, Where there is Nothing and The Unicorn from the Stars: Manuscript Materials, ed. by Wim van Mierlo

(pp. 381–388)
  • Richard Allen Cave

The King’s Threshold: Manuscript Materials, edited by Declan Kiely, Yeats in Manuscript Series

(pp. 389–400)
  • Richard Allen Cave

W. B. Yeats, At The Hawk’s Well and The Cat and the Moon: Manuscript Materials, ed. by Andrew Parkin

(pp. 401–415)
  • Richard Allen Cave

Karen E. Brown, The Yeats Circle, Verbal and Visual Relations in Ireland, 1880–1939

(pp. 417–420)
  • Tom Walker

W. B. Yeats and George Yeats, The Letters ed. Ann Saddlemyer. Neil Mann, Matthew Gibson and Claire Nally (eds.), W. B. Yeats’s “A Vision”: Explications and Contexts

(pp. 421–426)
  • Lauren Arrington

Sean Pryor, W. B. Yeats, Ezra Pound and the Poetry of Paradise, Sean Pryor.

(pp. 427–432)
  • Stoddard Martin

Writings on Literature and Art: G. W. Russell – A.E. Edited and with an Introduction by Peter Kuch

(pp. 433–436)
  • Nicholas Allen

Joseph M. Hassett, W. B. Yeats and the Muses

(pp. 437–439)
  • Michael Cade-Stewart

Michael McAteer, Yeats and European Drama

(pp. 441–443)
  • Tara Stubbs

R. F. Foster, Words Alone: Yeats and his Inheritances

(pp. 445–449)
  • Geraldine Higgins


Margaret Mills Harper

Glucksman Professor of Contemporary Writing in Englis at University of Limerick

Warwick Gould

Emeritus Professor of English Literature at University of London