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Dennis Tredy; Annick Duperray; Adrian Harding

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Henry James's Europe

Heritage and Transfer

  • Dennis Tredy (editor)
  • Annick Duperray (editor)
  • Adrian Harding (editor)
As an American author who chose to live in Europe, Henry James frequently wrote about cultural differences between the Old and New World. The plight of bewildered Americans adrift on a sea of European sophistication became a regular theme in his fiction.

This collection of twenty-four papers from some of the world’s leading James scholars offers a comprehensive picture of the author’s cross-cultural aesthetics. It provides detailed analyses of James’s perception of Europe—of its people and places, its history and culture, its artists and thinkers, its aesthetics and its ethics—which ultimately lead to a profound reevaluation of his writing.


Taken both as a whole and individually this collection of essays makes a real contribution to James studies.

Professor Adrian Poole

University of Cambridge

Additional Resources

[document]Supplementary Chapters

Introduction Dennis Tredy

I. Re-Readings and Re-Workings of the International Theme

  1. Tourist Attractions, Stereotypes and Physiognomies in The American H. K. Riikonen

  2. ‘Haunting and Penetrating the City’: The Influence of Emile Zola’s L’Assommoir on James’s The Princess Casamassima David Davies

  3. The Mother as Artist in "Louisa Pallant”: Re-casting the International Scene Larry A. Gray

  4. James’s Romantic Promises: The Golden Bowl and the Virtual Leman Giresunlu

    II. Beyond Biography

  5. Father and Son: The Divided Self in James’s Notes of a Son and Brother Mhairi Pooler

  6. "Fond Calculations”: The Triumph of James’s Mathematical Failure Isobel Waters

  7. A Multiplicity of Folds of an Unconscious ‘Crystal’ Monad: James, Benjamin, and Blanchot Erik S. Roraback

  8. "Life after Death”: James and Postmodern Biofiction Madeleine Danova

Bibliography of works cited


Bad Investments

(pp. 51–57)
  • Eric Savoy
  • Enrico Botta
  • Angus Wrenn
  • Oliver Herford
  • Nelly Valtat-Comet


Dennis Tredy

Senior Lecturer American Literature and Creative Writing at University of Paris III – Sorbonne Nouvelle

Annick Duperray

Emeritus Professor of American Literature at Aix-Marseille Université

Adrian Harding

Comparative Literature at American University of Paris