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Books are listed according to publication date; our most recent titles are listed first.

Coping: A Philosophical Guide
Luc Bovens. Illustrations by Fiorella Lavado

The Great Reset: 2021 European Public Investment Outlook
Floriana Cerniglia, Francesco Saraceno, and Andrew Watt (eds)

Negotiating Climate Change in Crisis
Steffen Böhm and Sian Sullivan (eds)

What Works in Conservation 2021
William J. Sutherland, Lynn V. Dicks, Silviu O. Petrovan and Rebecca K. Smith (eds)

New Perspectives in Biblical and Rabbinic Hebrew
Aaron D. Hornkohl and Geoffrey Khan (eds)

Romanticism and Time:  Literary Temporalities
Sophie Laniel-Musitelli and Céline Sabiron (eds)

Arab Media Systems
Carola Richter and Claudia Kozman (eds)

What is Authorial Philology?
Paola Italia, Giulia Raboni et al.

Jane Austen: Reflections of a Reader
By Nora Bartlett. Edited by Jane Stabler

'The Philosophes' by Charles Palissot
ed. and transl. Jessica Goodman et al.

Studies in the Grammar and Lexicon of Neo-Aramaic
Geoffrey Khan and Paul M. Noorlander (eds)

Mendl Mann’s 'The Fall of Berlin'
Translated and with an Introduction by Maurice Wolfthal

Maria Stuart
Friedrich Schiller. Translated by Flora Kimmich. With an Introduction by Roger Paulin

Introducing Vigilant Audiences
Daniel Trottier, Rashid Gabdulhakov and Qian Huang