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Founding Editors

Founding editors of the book series:

Michael Brüggemann
Chair of Communication Studies, Climate and Science Communication, Universität Hamburg
Research profile: Transnational communication, comparative journalism studies, climate and science communication
Area studies expertise: Europe, US
Publications: bruegge.net

Sven Engesser
Chair of Communication with a focus on Science and Technology Communication, Technische Universität Dresden
Research profile: Science communication, Technology communication, Political communication, Health communication, International comparative research, Media systems
Area studies expertise: Europe, US
Publications: Google ScholarResearchGate

Carola Richter

Professor for International Communication, Freie Universität Berlin
Research profile: Media systems, Media and Transformation, Social Movements and Protest communication, Media and migration, Foreign news reporting
Area studies expertise: Arab and Islamic countries, China

Merlyna Lim
Canada Research Chair in Digital Media & Global Network Society, School of Journalism & Communication, Carleton University
Research profile: Social movements, Collective Actions, Media and communication systems, Digital media, Social media and the Internet, Citizen participation, Control and Censorship, Spatial justice, Spatiality of media, Algorithmic cultures
Area studies expertise: Southeast Asia

Marie-Soleil Frère
Director of Research at the National Fund for Scientific Research and Professor in Media Studies at the Université libre de Bruxelles; affiliation: FNRS/ULB
Research profile: Media systems in Subsaharan Africa; Media, conflicts and peace-building in Central Africa; Journalism practices and identities in Francophone Africa
Area studies expertise: Francophone Subsaharan Africa

Ingrid Bachmann

Associate Professor and Director of the School of Journalism, Facultad de Comunicaciones, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Research profile: News narratives; Journalism practice; Gender and news; News socialization; Gender and political communication
Area studies expertise: Latin America 
Publications: Google Scholar