MARC Records

Member libraries can download a complete set of MARC records for all OBP titles; cataloguers won't need to do it from scratch! We publish an updated set with newly added titles every three months, and alert you with our quarterly newsletter.

Please note that we are converting our records from AACR2 to RDA. All titles published since January 2017 are now in the RDA format while the remainder of the records are still in AACR2 format. We plan to have everything coded as RDA in time for the next update and we will no longer provide new records in AACR2.

The full set

If you are a new member library and wish to download the full set (106 records), just click on the icon below.

In the zip folder, you will find:

1. A spreadsheet listing all our books by title, and pointing you to the relevant URLs.
2. A text file of records in MARC display format (.mrk), by order of titles.
3. A MARC exchange file (.mrc), again by title order, which you can use to load records onto your system.

New titles only

Libraries that already have records for our older books can download this set, which lists only the titles published between the beginning of June and the end of September 2017 (4 records).

The updated set

Some records have been updated to reflect changes in subject headings and to correct small typos. Also, OCLC numbers have now been included into every record. If you wish to overlay the existing records, you can download the updated set below:

Finally, libraries may find it useful to download our old record sets. You can find them below.
March 2017
January 2017
September 2016 set
June 2016 set
March 2016 set
December 2015 set
September 2015 set
June 2015 set

All the records are kindly provided by the cataloguing team at St Andrew's University Library (UK), and are available under a CC BY-SA 4.0 licence.

If you have any questions or any feedback on this, please contact us at