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Economic Fables Resources Website

Ariel Rubinstein
ISBN: 978-1-906924-77-5-WebsiteLink £0.00

This page provides a link to the interactive web-based resources provided by Ariel Rubinstein to accompany his book - Economic Fables.
To access these resources please click on the following url, or copy and paste the url into your browser:

Chapter 0: Introduction to Economic Fables
Chapter 1: Rational, Irrational
Chapter 2: Game Theory: A Beautiful Mind
Chapter 3: The Jungle Tale and the Market Tale
Chapter 4: Economics, Pragmatics and Seven Traps
Chapter 5: (Sort of) Economic Policy
Bibliographical Notes
Ariel Rubinstein is Professor of Economics at Tel Aviv University and New York University. His previous books are Bargaining and Markets (with Martin J. Osborne, 1990), A Course in Game Theory (with Martin J. Osborne, 1994), Modeling Bounded Rationality (1998), Economics and Language (2000) and Lecture Notes in Microeconomic Theory: The Economic Agent (2005). He is a member of the Israel Academy of Sciences, a Foreign Honorary Member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Corresponding Fellow of the British Academy and a former President of the Econometric Society.