Crossmark: Enhancing Transparency for Our Books

Open Book Publishers is proud to announce the implementation of Crossmark, a valuable tool that enhances transparency in scholarly research. The Crossmark button gives our readers quick and easy access to the current status of a piece of content. Instances where it might be employed include the addition of significant new content, alterations made to existing content, or the release of a new edition of the work.

Why Crossmark Matters for OBP Readers and Authors

For readers, Crossmark ensures that they can easily identify if the content they're referencing has been updated or corrected, providing them with confidence in the accuracy of the information they're using.

For authors, Crossmark offers a means to communicate updates or corrections to their work, ensuring that their research remains current and accurate.

How Open Book Publishers Will Use Crossmark

Open Book Publishers is committed to utilising Crossmark to provide our readers with enhanced visibility into the status of our publications. By implementing the Crossmark button alongside our content, we aim to facilitate a seamless experience for our readers, allowing them to access the most up-to-date information with ease.

Find out more information about Crossmark here.