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Open metadata

Thoth and COPIM

As part of our involvement in the COPIM project (Community-led Open Publication Infrastructures for Monographs) we are developing open, community-owned and community-governed software to support the publication of open access books and to lower the barriers to entry for small, scholar-led presses.

We are building an Open Dissemination System called Thoth, which enables presses to manage the metadata for their open access books and to export it in a number of different formats to various platforms, catalogues and other dissemination channels. This will make the books more discoverable, and embed open standards at the heart of their dissemination. Thoth is Open Source software that produces open (CC-0) metadata, and it includes an open API for anyone interested in our data to use. Thoth is already being used by a number of publishers (including OBP) to manage metadata, and it will be a part of some of the other systems and processes that COPIM is building. You can learn more about Thoth in this interview with our Software Engineer, Javier Arias.

For the latest information about Thoth, take a look at COPIM's open documentation site where you can stay up to date on everything the project is building, including the latest developments of Thoth.

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