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5. Dynamicity

A Collostructional Approach

Dynamicity is one of the most important verbal features with respect to agency. Essentially, dynamic or active events presuppose an active agent in contrast to stative situations. In practice, it is complicated to analyse verbal semantics, especially for ancient languages given the lack of native language users to consult.
The chapter investigates previous approaches to the analysis of the Hebrew verbal system and concludes that new quantitative methods are needed to provide more objective measures of verbal semantics. In particular, it is demonstrated how collostructional analysis can help to differentiate between semantic roles, most importantly between dynamic and static verbs but also between goal and source.


Christian Canu Højgaard

Assistant professor of Old Testament at Fjellhaug Internasjonale Høgskole

Christian Canu Højgaard (PhD, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, 2021, awarded cum laude) is Assistant Professor of Old Testament at Fjellhaug International University College Copenhagen. His main interests include Biblical Hebrew language (in particular verbal syntax and semantics), social readings of Biblical law, and digitalization of ancient texts. He is the general editor of Hiphil Novum, a journal for Biblical linguistics. He is currently involved in Creating Annotated Corpora of Classical Hebrew Text, a cross-institutional research project for the digitalization and annotation of ancient texts, and A Grammar of Biblical Hebrew led by Professor Geoffrey Khan.