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9. Writing and Making the World

There exists a wealth of articles and books summarising the key elements of effective academic writing. This chapter takes a different approach, encouraging researchers and academic writers to understand the rules of their field, discipline, genre – but also to challenge them, subvert them, extend them, and renew them. Using a reflective approach, the author provides examples of encountering resistance, challenging hegemonies, and persisting in finding paths to academic publishing. The chapter is a reminder that our words create the world anew, each time we write.


Catherine Cronin


Catherine Cronin is an independent scholar focusing on critical and social justice approaches in digital, open and higher education. She is co-editor of Higher Education for Good: Teaching and Learning Futures (forthcoming with Open Book Publishers, OBP.0363) and was a 2022 Global Open Education Graduate Network (GO-GN) Fellow. Catherine has worked in both the higher education and community education sectors, most recently as Digital and Open Education lead in Ireland’s National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching & Learning in Higher Education. A born New Yorker who has made her home in Ireland, you can find Catherine at https://