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15. Monsieur Croche

Concerts at Eye Level

  • Tal Walker (author)
This chapter is a case study of the concert series, Monsieur Croche (Antwerp). Founded in 2017, the concert series brings French music to its audience in an approachable and engaging way. The series’ performances take place in unconventional concert venues such as art galleries, museums, and cathedrals. The small venue and the proximity to the artists, make the events intimate and exclusive - at eye level with our audience. The venue itself is rich with art and provides a creative environment. Each concert is one-of-a-kind, as it tells the story of one specific composer. Monsieur Croche did not survive four seasons without any challenges regarding institutional barriers, finance, and instrument and audience logistics. These will be the focus of the chapter to provide a model that others can emulate. Bringing classical music to the audience in an approachable, engaging, and interdisciplinary way is the Monsieur Croche vision. It fosters awareness, inclusion, and interaction, believing that these are key elements in keeping classical music alive and relevant today.


Tal Walker


Tal Walker is an Israeli-Belgian pianist and Young Steinway Artist. Tal has won a bronze medal at the Osaka Music Competition in Japan. He was invited to artist residencies in Italy and Canada and performed with orchestras in Belgium, Italy, and Poland. Tal has graduated from conservatoires in the Netherlands and Belgium and attended the École Normale de Musique in Paris where he specialised in French repertoire. He is the founder of Monsieur Croche concert series in Belgium and currently pursues his PhD at the Royal College of Music in London where he focuses on French Piano Preludes from the early 1900s.