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13. Futuring Classical Music through Contemporary Visual Art

Innovative Performance and Listening in the Works of the Artist Anri Sala

  • Noga Rachel Chelouche (author)
This chapter focuses on the alternative performance of classical compositions created in the works of the renowned contemporary artist Anri Sala (b. 1974). A visual artist, Sala uses music as a central element in his films, installations, and performances. He manipulates the music according to different artistic ideas, thus creating unconventional performances.

Through his works, Sala enables different perspectives and new contexts which lead classical music through unpredictable paths. The chapter focuses on three seminal works created by Sala in the last decade: The Present Moment (2014), The Last Resort (2017), and If and Only If (2018). In each of these works, a classical Western composition (a movement or a whole piece by Schoenberg, Mozart or Stravinsky) is the point of departure. The analysis compares these works to conventional performances at the concert hall, and relates to elements such as space and architecture, extra musical contexts, the fidelity to the score, and the use of visual means and technology. The argument is that these artworks, in which well-known music from the canon is reinterpreted, may be experienced as unique and innovative musical performances detached from concert hall conventions.


Noga Rachel Chelouche

Doctoral Student in Musicology at Tel Aviv University

Noga Rachel Chelouche is a doctoral student in musicology at Tel-Aviv University, Israel. In her dissertation she explores renewed modes of classical music in the 21st Century, concentrating on contemporary multimedia works by various artists. She holds a bachelor’s degree in musicology and humanities and a master’s degree in musicology from Tel-Aviv University. In her MA thesis she analyzed multimedia works by the contemporary artist Anri Sala, through which she suggested musicological research based on the juxtaposition of music and visual art. Noga works as a writer and editor in the program department of the Israel Philharmonic.