Mathias Cöster, Mats Danielson, Love Ekenberg, Cecilia Gullberg, Gard Titlestad, Alf Westelius, and Gunnar Wettergren

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7. Probability and Risk Management

Whilst digitisation is far from a new concept, many assume that simply introducing automation and information systems in various forms will be enough to make their organisation’s operations more efficient. This misconception can often lead to disarray and costly mistakes. Digital Transformation: Understanding Business Goals, Risks, Processes, and Decisions shows how to avoid such issues via careful consideration of what an enterprise really needs.

Unlike many other books on digital transformation, the authors do not dwell on database design or the details of implementing information systems. Instead, they emphasise the importance of a clear understanding of all aspects of an organisation in order to effectively implement and manage digital systems, from business goals and strategies to structuring information and making decisions, risk assessments, project management, organising, and procuring services and products.

Organised in eleven chapters, and drawing on examples from all over the world, this book will be of interest to university students of business administration, management, information systems, and computer science, as well as practitioners seeking to better understand how to handle digital transformation in their own organisation.


Mathias Cöster

Associate Professor in the Department of Civil and Industrial Engineering at Uppsala University

Mathias Cöster is PhD and Assistant professor at Uppsala Uni-versity, Department of Civil and Industrial Engineering. He researches the impact of digitisation on industries, organisational business models and price models. Furthermore, how organisations develop control systems for realising sustainability strategies. He has co-authored several books and is a much-appreciated and hired lecturer in various educational contexts.

Mats Danielson

Full Professor in Computer and Systems Sciences at Stockholm University

Mats Danielson is Full Professor in Computer and Systems Sciences at Stockholm University, Senior Advisor to the President, and UNESCO Chair Professor. He is former Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences as well as former Vice President for External Relations, Innovation, and ICT. He has a PhD in Computer and Systems Sciences as well as university degrees in Computer Science and Engineering and in Economics and Business Administration. He worked in the software industry for almost twenty years before joining academia to work with research as well as algorithm and software design and development within decision analysis and support.

Love Ekenberg

(Formerly) Full Professor in Computer and Systems Sciences at Stockholm University

Love Ekenberg was a Full Professor in Computer and Systems Sciences at Stockholm University and is a UNESCO professor. He has a Ph.D in Computer and Systems Sciences, as well as a Ph.D in Mathematics. He has been working with risk and deci-sion analysis, i.e. development of products and methodologies within these areas, for around 20 years.

Cecilia Gullberg

Assistant Professor in Business Administration at Södertörn University

Cecilia Gullberg is PhD and Assistant professor in business administration at Södertörn University. She has ten years’ expe-rience of studying the intersection between accounting, organi-sation and digitisation with regards to how roles, competences and processes of transparency and accountability change as new digital tools enter organisations.

Gard Titlestad


Gard Titlestad is a recognized international expert within the field of higher education, research, innovation and digital transformation. He has comprehensive experience as senior manager. He has been working for the Nordic countries, for the European Union and globally. Until 2018 he was secretary general for the International Council for Open and Distance Education, ICDE. In ICDE he worked in close partnership with UNESCO for the new Sustainable Development Goals.

Alf Westelius

Professor (Chair) of Digitisation and Management at Linköping University

Alf Westelius is Professor (Chair) of Digitisation and Manage-ment at Linköping University. Applicability and practical rele-vance guide his interest, and consulting and tutoring have al-ways been important parts of his work. The key to dealing with digitisation affordances lies in how you combine new ways of working, new organising and new technology with the existing. This is what Alf explores in his research.

Gunnar Wettergren

Teacher and Researcher in the Department of Computer and Systems Sciences at Stockholm University

Gunnar Wettergren is a teacher and researcher at Stockholm University department of Computer and Systems Sciences. Gunnar has a long history as a project manager both in private and academic sectors. Gunnar’s primary research interest is project portfolio management. Gunnar has a background in Computer Science.