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Introduction: William Moorcroft, Potter

  • Jonathan Mallinson (author)
This sketches the distinctive individuality of William Moorcroft, one of the most celebrated and original potters of the early twentieth century. An active designer, ceramic chemist and manufacturer, he is seen to be different from contemporary ‘art potters’ who tended to be either decorators or chemists, but not both. From the start of his career he was recognised as a potter like no other, but this distinctiveness has been eroded in modern assessments which present him as a manufacturer rather than an artist, and his pottery as a trading commodity rather than as personal expression. This book seeks to recover that very individual potter.


Jonathan Mallinson

Emeritus Professor of French at University of Oxford

Jonathan Mallinson is Emeritus Professor of Early Modern French Literature and Fellow of Trinity College, Oxford. He has written extensively on prose fiction, comedy and satire of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, and has edited works by Molière, Voltaire and Graffigny. His interest in British art pottery and its reception dates back many years.