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6. Supercedure: Into the Posthuman

  • Paul Matthews (author)
What could it be like to leave behind our purely biological/natural mental and physical constraints? For a long time in SF an optimistic vision of immortality and transcendence, we visit examples of mind uploading and cognitive and sensory enhancement that might enable us to leave earthly limits behind us. But there could be a cost, that of burning out or losing our human grounding in an unsustainable and regressive drift. The lesson is that we will need to choose our adventure carefully here.


Paul Matthews

Senior Lecturer, Information Science; Programme Leader, MSc Data Science at University of the West of England

Paul Matthews is a senior lecturer in computer science at the University of the West of England where his research interests include human-computer interaction and human-centred AI. Paul has a long term interest in the connections between science fiction, technology and human psychology.