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2. Authorial Approaches

  • Paul Matthews (author)
Before digging into fictional examples, it is useful to understand the process of how our featured fictional works are conceived and created. Here, we sample authors’ published views and their reflection on process around topics related to the depiction of other minds. We note how science inspires and provokes ideas, and how good ideas suggest themselves as a counter reaction to more established genre norms. We look more closely at the range of narrative styles and points of view that SF authors employ and drill into the challenges of imagining wholly alien life worlds. To achieve their effects, we examine how much work is placed on the reader as opposed to being facilitated by the author.


Paul Matthews

Senior Lecturer, Information Science; Programme Leader, MSc Data Science at University of the West of England

Paul Matthews is a senior lecturer in computer science at the University of the West of England where his research interests include human-computer interaction and human-centred AI. Paul has a long term interest in the connections between science fiction, technology and human psychology.