Henry Häkkinen; Silviu Petrovan; Nigel G. Taylor; William J. Sutherland; Nathalie Pettorelli

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pp. 9–17


  • English

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9 pages


This introduction outlines the content, the language, and the structure of the present volume, a widely referenced guidance for anyone who wishes to quantitatively assess climate change threats to seabirds in the North-East Atlantic. The book has a bipartite structure for each seabird species examined – auks, ducks and phalaropes, gannets and cormorants, gulls, loons/divers and grebes, petrels and shearwaters, skuas, and terns. The first section reviews the vulnerability of each seabird species and their habitats to climate change. The second section lists and estimates the effectiveness of local preventive actions to limit the impacts of climate change through specific criteria. Complementary appendixes contain additional information on sources, references and the methodology used by the contributors to this volume.


Silviu O. Petrovan

Senior Researcher in the Department of Zoology at University of Cambridge

Nigel G. Taylor

Research Associate (Conservation Science Group) at University of Cambridge

William J. Sutherland

Miriam Rothschild Chair in Conservation Biology in the Department of Zoology at University of Cambridge