Leshchinsky, Yankev;

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6. Jews are collapsing in the streets from hunger

  • Yankev Leshchinsky (author)
  • Robert Brym (translator)
  • Eli Jany (translator)
Hunger is becoming increasingly widespread among Polish Jews, with some collapsing in the street. Weakness is not just physical but spiritual: Polish Jewry is feeling abandoned, disorganized, without movements to galvanize them and give them hope in the future. Suicides are now everyday occurrences, and they are reported in the press. They take place even among devout Jews with families. State discrimination against Jews, the failure of the state to take action against pogromists, and the indifference of the Polish masses, including the Polish working class, are the main factors explaining the hopelessness growing in the Jewish community. Hopelessness, despondency, and exhaustion have even reached a point where Jews have done little to create Jewish self-defence organizations.


Yankev Leshchinsky


Eli Jany