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Here the author takes the lead, describing the events that followed the end of the letter correspondence. They speak on the couple’s new challenges, how the war led to them finally being together again, but also to Mope’s arrest and internment due to his German heritage and time in Russia and being suspected as a spy. Eventually, Mope was released and became a member of the Home Guard, a part-time role that allowed him to pursue his work in the fur-trade. This chapter features journal entries regarding their choice to wait until they could be more sure of an Allied victory before they attempted to have a child, and later entries welcome their first child, and the author of this book, into the world. A birthday journal, added to on the 28th July for the first four years of the child’s life, describes the changes and lifestyle that the family experience in the years following the war. The writer elaborates on details about the couple, following the war. This includes the instance of their citizenship and many memories recalled from the writer’s childhood.


Frank Felsenstein

Reed D. Voran Honors Distinguished Professor of Humanities Emeritus at Ball State University

Franklin Felsenstein (aka Frank Felsenstein) is the only son of Maurice (“Mope”) and Vera Felsenstein. He is the Reed D. Voran Honors Distinguished Professor of Humanities Emeritus at Ball State University in Indiana. Before that, he was Reader in Eighteenth-Century Studies at the University of Leeds in England. He has also held appointments at the University of Geneva in Switzerland, Vanderbilt University, Yeshiva College, and Drew University. His publications include Anti-Semitic Stereotypes: A Paradigm of Otherness in English Popular Culture (1995), English Trader, Indian Maid: Representing Gender, Race, and Slavery in the New World (1999), and (with James J. Connolly) What Middletown Read: Print Culture in an American Small City (2015). He has edited works by Tobias Smollett (Travels through France and Italy), Peter Aram (A Practical Treatise of Flowers), and John Thelwall (Incle and Yarico). He and his family moved to the United States in 1998. He and his wife now live in Chicago.